CEUR-WS.org Management Team

The management team is responsible for the service and its development.

R. Piskac Ruzica Piskac
Yale University, USA

responsible for the CEUR-WS.org service, its rules, and its strategy; also manages the main publication service of CEUR-WS.org and interacts with volume editors
C. Lange Christoph Lange
Technical Editor
University of Bonn / Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany

workflow automation and interoperability with external services; also partly involved in the publication service
F. Klan Friederike Klan
Associate Editor
German Aerospace Center (DLR) Jena, Germany

works on the main publication service and interacts with volume editors
M. Baldoni Matteo Baldoni
Associate Editor
University of Turin, Italy

responsible for the AI*IA subseries at CEUR-WS.org

CEUR-WS.org Advisory Team

The advisory team assists the management team in strategic questions and supervises the quality of the service. It also appoints the publisher of the service.

M.Jeusfeld Manfred Jeusfeld
Chair of Advisory Team
University of Skövde, Sweden

founder of CEUR-WS.org; also partly involved in the publication service
D.Calvanese Diego Calvanese
Member of Advisory Team
Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy

R.Klamma Ralf Klamma
Member of Advisory Team
RWTH Aachen University, Germany

J.Ralyte Jolita Ralyté
Member of Advisory Team
University of Geneva, Switzerland

See here for our core values. See our timeline for the history of changes to the team. We provide a blog and a LinkedIn group for discussion future changes to the service and for receiving feedback from the community.

The affiliations of the team members are listed here only for the purpose of disambiguation. We provide the service not as part of our main affiliation but in our free time. We like to emphasize that the responsibility for the content of the individual volumes is with the respective volume editors. All external brandnames used on CEUR-WS.org are property of their respective owners. We do neither control nor necessarily conform with any content of Web pages referenced on CEUR-WS.org pages

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