The second Spring Colloquium for Young Researchers in Databases and Information Systems (SYRCoDIS’2005) took place on 2–3 June 2005 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The event was organized by the Saint-Petersburg State University and the Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Science with support of Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant No. 05-07-93001).
The term colloquium perfectly reflects the sense of this series of events: the colloquium provides a convenient place to present results of research and to check a quality of the research and its presentation with a help of older colleagues. The goal of SYRCoDIS’2005 was to bring together younger researchers in databases and information systems from several Russian, Czech, and Ukraine universities, their scientific advisers, and other professors, to give younger researchers a possibility to present their recent work, to discuss results, and to gain experience of English presentations and discussions.
The Programme Committee of the SYRCoDIS’2005 selected 14 papers. The papers were presented by young researchers from Saint-Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Science (Moscow), Chelyabinsk State University, Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), and Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics (Ukrain). The papers cover several important topics of the field of databases and information systems such as XML and databases, query processing, transaction management, organizing and querying information on the Web, data mining, model-driven approach to information system design and development.
We thank all young researchers presented papers for SYRCoDIS’2005 and their scientific advisers (if applicable). We also thank members of the organizing committee of the SYRCoDIS’2005 both from St. Petersburg and Moscow. We believe that the series of SYRCoDIS colloquiums will have successful continuation.
SYRCoDIS’2005 Editors: Dmitry Barashev, Maxim Grinev, Sergey Kuznetsov, Boris Novikov