R@Loc 2017
Academic Research Stream Research@Locate 2017

Proceedings of the Academic Research Stream at the Annual Conference Locate, Research@Locate 2017
co-located with Digital Earth & Locate 2017

Sydney, Australia, April 3-6, 2017.

Edited by

Xiaoli Deng *
Christopher Pettit **
Simone Zarpelon Leao **
Jonathan Doig **

* The University of Newcastle, School of Engineering, 2308 Callaghan, Australia
** The University of New South Wales, Faculty of Built Environment, 2052 Sydney, Australia

Research@Locate17 complete proceedings in one ZIP file

Table of Contents

Wednesday 5 April

Stream 1, Land Surveying & Administration

Stream 3, Big Data

Stream 5, Disaster & Emergency Management

Stream 6, Smart Sensors for Natural Resource Management

Stream 7, Spatial Infrastructure

Thursday 6 April

Stream 3, Big Data

Stream 5, Geospatial & Economy

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