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2nd Workshop on Ontologies and their Applications

Proceedings of the Workshop on
2nd Workshop on Ontologies and their Applications
co-located with the International Joint Conference IBERAMIA-SBIA-SBRN’06
October 23-27, 2006, Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brazil.

Edited by

Fred Freitas 1
Heiner Stuckenschmidt 2
Sofia Pinto 3
Andreia Malucelli 4

1 Federal University of Pernambuco, Centro de Informatica, Av. Prof. Luiz Freire, s/n – Caixa Postal 7851, Cidade Universitaria 50732-970, Recife – PE – Brazi
2 Universitaet Mannheim, Institut fuer Informatik A5, 6, 68159 Mannheim, Germany
3 IST/INESC-ID, Portugal, Instituto Superior Tecnico - Departamento de Engenharia Informatica, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal
4 Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana, PUCPR, Brazil, Departamento de Informatica, Rua Imaculada Conceicao, 1155 - Prado Velho- CEP: 80215-901, Curitiba - PR - Brazil ,

Table of Contents

  1. Classifying Ontologies
    Fabio Kepler, Christian Paz-Trillo, Joselyto Riani, Marcio M. Ribeiro, Karina Valdivia-Delgado, Leliane Nunes de Barros and Renata Wassermann
  2. Heuristic Transformation of Well-Constructed Conceptual Maps into OWL Preliminary Domain Ontologies
    Virginia Brilhante, Gretchen T. Macedo and Sabatta F. Macedo
  3. First Steps Towards Revising Ontologies
    Marcio Moretto Ribeiro and Renata Wassermann
  4. An Ontology Specification Language Based on a Controlled Natural Language
    Josiane M. P. Ferreira, Sergio Roberto da Silva and Edgard M. de Oliveira
  5. A proposal for an ontology supported news reader and question-answer system
    Jose Saias and Paulo Quaresma
  6. The Evaluation Process of a Computer Security Incident Ontology
    Luciana A. F. Martimiano and Edson Moreira

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