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2nd Workshop on Legal Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on
Legal Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
June 4th, 2007, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

Edited by

Pompeu Casanovas *
Maria Angela Biasiotti #
Enrico Francesconi #
Maria Teresa Sagri #

* IDT-UAB -- Institute of Law and Technologies - Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain),
# ITTIG-CNR -- Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques of the Italian National Research Council, Florence (Italy)

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Table of Contents

  1. The Ontology of Legal Possibilities and Legal Potentialities
    Pamela N. Gray, pp. 7-23
  2. The Legal-RDF Ontology. A Generic Model for Legal Documents
    John McClure, pp. 25-42
  3. The LKIF Core Ontology of Basic Legal Concepts
    Rinke Hoekstra, Joost Breuker, Marcello Di Bello, Alexander Boer, pp. 43-63
  4. Design patterns for legal ontology constructions
    Aldo Gangemi, pp. 65-85
  5. Developing ontologies for legal multimedia applications
    Xavier Binefa, Ciro Gracia, Marius Monton, Jordi Carrabina, Carlos Montero, Javier Serrano, Mercedes Blázquez, Richard Benjamins, Emma Teodoro, Marta Poblet, Pompeu Casanovas, pp. 87-101
  6. A linguistic-ontological support for multilingual legislative drafting: the DALOS Project
    Enrico Francesconi, Pierluigi Spinosa, Daniela Tiscornia, pp. 103-111
  7. NLP-based ontology learning from legal texts. A case study
    Alessandro Lenci, Simonetta Montemagni, Vito Pirrelli, Giulia Venturi, pp. 113-129
  8. Semantic Spaces and Multilingualism in the Law: The Challenge of Legal Knowledge Management
    Doris Liebwald, pp. 131-148
  9. Legal Query Expansion using Ontologies and Relevance Feedback
    Erich Schweighofer, Anton Geist, pp. 149-160

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