[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-325

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ADBIS 2007
Advances in Databases and Information Systems

Communications of the Eleventh East-European Conference on
Advances in Databases and Information Systems

Varna, Bulgaria, September 29 - October 3, 2007.

Edited by

Yannis Ioannidis *
Boris Novikov #
Boris Rachev +

* University of Athens, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, 15784 Ilissia, Athens, Greece
# University of St. Petersburg, Department of Computer Science, 28 Universitetsky Prospekt, Staryj Peterhof, 198504, St. Petersburg, Russia
+ Technical University of Varna, Department of Computer Science and Technologies, 1 Studentska Str., 9010 Varna, Bulgaria

Table of Contents

  1. CUDL Language Semantics, Liven Up the FDB Data Model
    Nikitas Karanikolas, Maria Nitsiou, Emmanuel Yannakoudakis, Christos Skourlas
  2. Design of Web Agents Inspired by Brain Research
    Maya Dimitrova, Hiroaki Wagatsuma, Yoko Yamaguchi
  3. Business Rule Based Software System Configuration Management and Implementation Using Decision Tables
    Olegas Vasilecas, Aidas Smaizys
  4. Clustering Approach to Generalized Pattern Identification Based on Multi-instanced Objects with DARA
    Rayner Alfred, Dimitar Kazakov
  5. Imprecise Data and Knowledge Based OLAP
    Ermir Rogova, Panagiotis Chountas, Krassimir Atanassov
  6. Fast and efficient log file compression
    Przemyslaw Skibinski, Jakub Swacha
  7. Efficient Processing Regular Queries In Shared-Nothing Parallel Database Systems Using Tree- And Structural Indexes
    Vu Le Anh, Attila Kiss
  8. Approximate functional dependencies for XML data
    Fabio Fassetti, Bettina Fazzinga
  9. Tailor-Made Native XML Storage Structures
    Karsten Schmidt, Theo Härder
  10. A method for comparing self-organizing maps: case studies of banking and linguistic data
    Toomas Kirt, Ene Vainik, Leo Vohandu
  11. Towards Self-Optimization of Message Transformation Processes
    Matthias Böhm, Dirk Habich, Uwe Wloka, Jürgen Bittner, Wolfgang Lehner
  12. Applying User Profile Ontology for Mining Web Site Adaptation Recommendations
    Tarmo Robal, Ahto Kalja
  13. Aggregating Multiple Instances in Relational Database Using Semi-Supervised Genetic Algorithm-based Clustering Technique
    Rayner Alfred, Dimitar Kazakov

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