[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-410

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KR-MED 2008
Representing and sharing knowledge using SNOMED

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Knowledge Representation in Medicine

Phoenix (Arizona), United States of America, May 31st - June 2nd, 2008.

Edited by

Ronald Cornet *
Kent Spackman **

* Academic Medical Center - University of Amsterdam, Department of Medical Informatics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
** IHTSDO, Copenhagen, Denmark

Table of Contents


  1. Debugging SNOMED CT Using Axiom Pinpointing in the Description Logic EL+
    Franz Baader and Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn
  2. Exploiting Fast Classification of SNOMED CT for Query and Integration of Health Data
    Michael Lawley
  3. Why do it the hard way? The Case for an Expressive Description Logic for SNOMED
    Alan Rector, Sebastian Brandt and Jay Kola
  4. Leveraging SNOMED CT with a General Purpose Terminology Server
    Robert Weida, Jack Bowie, Robert McClure and David Sperzel
  5. LinKBase and SNOMED: some distinct features and impact on NLP
    Maria van Gurp, Marnix Holvoet and Mariana Casella dos Santos
  6. SNOMED CT: Browsing the Browsers
    Jeremy Rogers and Olivier Bodenreider
  7. Comparing SNOMED CT and the NCI Thesaurus through Semantic Web Technologies
    Olivier Bodenreider
  8. Exploratory Reverse Mapping of ICD-10-CA to SNOMED CT
    Dennis Lee and Francis Lau
  9. Interoperability of Data Models and Terminology Models : Issues with using the SNOMED CT terminology
    Rahil Qamar Siddiqui, Jay Kola and Alan Rector
  10. Essential SNOMED: Simplifying SNOMED-CT and supporting Integration with Health Information Models
    Peter MacIsaac, Donald Walker, Rachel Richesson, Heather Grain, Peter Elkin and Jon Patrick
  11. Comparing the Effects of Two Semantic Terminology Models on Classification of Clinical Notes: A Study of Heart Murmur Findings
    Guoqian Jiang and Christopher G Chute
  12. Creation and Usage of a "Micro theory" for Long Bone Fractures: An Experience Report
    Howard Goldberg, Vipul Kashyap and Kent Spackman
  13. Representing clinical information using SNOMED Clinical Terms with different structural information models
    David Markwell, Laura Sato and Edward Cheetham
  14. Strategies for Updating Terminology Mappings and Subsets
    John Mapoles, Corey Smith, Jane Cook and Brian Levy
  15. Using SNOMED CT as a Mediation Terminology: Mapping Issues, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps Toward Achieving Semantic Interoperability
    Sarah Maulden, Patty Greim, Omar Bouhaddou, Pradnya Warnekar, Laura Megas, Fola Parrish and Michael Lincoln
  16. Using SNOMED CT For Translational Genomics Data Integration
    Joel Dudley, David P. Chen and Atul Butte
  17. A Methodology for Encoding Problem Lists with SNOMED CT in General Practice
    Francis Lau, Raymond Simkus and Dennis Lee
  18. Post-Coordination in the Mapping of Interface Terms of a Clinical Wound Documentation System to SNOMED CT
    Martin Boeker, Stefan Schulz and Thilo Schuler
  19. Using SNOMED CT Concepts for PAIRS
    Madan Rao

submitted by Ronald Cornet, 27-Oct-2008
published on CEUR-WS.org, 27-Oct-2008