[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-59

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AOIS '02


Proceedings of the Fourth International Bi-Conference Workshop on  AGENT-ORIENTED INFORMATION SYSTEMS (AOIS-2002 at AAMAS*02) 

Bologna (Italy), July 16, 2002

Edited by

Paolo Giorgini *
Yves Lespérance **
Gerd Wagner ***
Eric Yu ****

*        Department of Computer Science, Univ. of Trento (IT)
**      Department of Computer Science, York Univ. (CA)
***    Dep. Information & Technology, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (NL)
****  Faculty of Information Studies, Univ. of Toronto (CA)


Table of Contents

  1. Integrating Ontologies into Multiagent Systems Engineering
    Jonathan DiLeo, Timothy Jacobs, and Scott DeLoach

  3. On the Use of Patterns in Agent System Design
    Michael Weiss

  5. Developing Formal Specifications of MAS in SLABS -- A Case Study of Evolutionary Multi-Agent Ecosystem
    Hong Zhu

  7. Design of supplier agents for an auction-based market
    Stefan Botman, Mark Hoogendoorn, Vasile Bud, Ashutosh Jaiswal,  Steve Hawkins, Yelena Kryzhnyaya, Janice Pearce, Anne Scholcraft,  Espen Sigvartsen, John Collins, and Maria Gini

  9. A Market-Based Recommender System
    Luc Moreau, Norliza Zaini, Jing Zhou, Nicholas R. Jennings, Yan Zheng Wei,  Wendy Hall, David De Roure, Ian Gilchrist, Mark O'Dell,  Sigi Reich,  Tobias Berka, and Claudia Di Napoli

  11. Handling Complex Information Environments: A Multi-Agent Framework
    Travis Bauer and  David B. Leake

  13. Flexible Caching in Peer-to-Peer Information Systems
    Pinar Yolum and Munindar P. Singh

  15. A Multi-agent System for Collaborative Bookmarking
    Rushed Kanawati and Maria Malek

  17. Using Agents to Support the Selection of Virtual Enterprise Teams
    Sobah Abbas Petersen and Monica Divitini

  19. An Agent-Oriented Personalized Web Searching System
    Tarek Helmy, Satoshi Amamiya, Tsunenori Mine, and Makoto Amamiya

  21. An Application of Agent UML to Supply Chain Management
    Marc-Philippe Huget

  23. Personalised Briefing Agents to Improve Situational Awareness
    Graham S. Horn and Zoë P. Lock

  25. Key Components of Agent-based Development
    Amir Zeid

  27. Reuse as a Reason and a Mean to Become a Rational Autonomous Agent
    Matteo Bonifacio, Paolo Bouquet, Roberta Ferrario, and Diego Ponte


submitted by Paolo Giorgini, June 5, 2002