[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-61

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First International Workshop on

M-Services - Concepts, Approaches, and Tools

Proceedings of the Workshop at ISMIS'02

Lyon, France, June 26, 2002

Edited by

Zakaria Maamar *
Wathiq Mansoor *
Willem-Jan van den Heuvel #

* College of Information Systems, Zayed University, Dubai, U.A.E, PO Box 19282, Dubai, U.A.E
# Infolab, Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands, PO Box 90153, NL-5000 LE TILBURG, The Netherlands

Table of Contents

  1. Characteristics of Mobile Payment Procedures
    N. Kreyer (Germany), K. Pousttchi (Germany), and K. Turowski (Germany)
  2. Wireless E-Learning and Communication Environment: WELCOME at the University of Regensburg
    F. Lehner (Germany), H. Nosekabel (Germany), and H. Lehmann (Germany)
  3. Software Agents in the Wireless World - Application to Mobile Services -
    Z. Maamar (U.A.E), W. Mansoor (U.A.E), and Q. H. Mahmoud (Canada)
  4. Combining Open APIS (Parlay/JAIN) & Software Agents for Next Generation Mobile Services
    D. Rautela (U.S.A), G. Markwardt (Germany), and A. Kamel (U.S.A)
  5. M-Services Meet Web Services: Architectural Opportunities for M-Commerce
    F. P. Coyle (U.S.A)
  6. A Flexible Services Architecture Based Translator Web Services
    P. Miller (U.S.A), S. K. Sharma (U.S.A), and F. Kitchens (U.S.A)
  7. Software Agent Technology in Mobile Service Environments
    R. Sessler (Germany) and A. Keiblinger (Germany)
  8. Towards a Unified Framework for Composing E-/M-Services
    Z. Maamar (U.A.E), B. Benatallah (Australia), and Q. Z. Sheng (Australia)

submitted by Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, August 22, 2002