[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-659

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Future Enterprise Systems Workshop 2010

Proceedings of the 1st International Future Enterprise Systems Workshop

supported by the EU IP COIN, co-located with the 3rd Future Internet Symposium

Berlin, Germany, September 2010.

Edited by

Lyndon Nixon *
Sergio Gusmaroli **
Michele Missikof ***

* STI International, Amerlingstrasse 19/35, 1060 Vienna, Austria
** TXT Ingegneria Informatica, Via Frigia 27, 20126 Milan, Italy
*** IASI-CNR, Viale Manzoni 30, 00185 Rome, Italy

Table of Contents

  1. Integrating Heterogeneous Web Service Styles with Flexible Semantic Web Services Groundings
    D. Lambert, N. Benn, J. Domingue
  2. Towards a Federation of Semantic Execution Environments
    D. Cerri, S. Komazec
  3. Self-Organization and SOA for Networked Enterprises
    E. Di Nitto, G. Ripa
  4. The Future of the Internet is Coordination
    C. Petrie
  5. Enterprise Multimedia Integration and Search
    K. Siorpaes, J. López-Cobo
  6. MASTER: Management of Compliance in Service-based enterprises for Security and Trust
    B. Gallego-Nicasio, A. Pasic, P. Soria-Rodriguez
  7. Towards a Federated Architecture for Future Supply Chains Systems
    N. Pauvre
  8. Enterprise Collaboration based on the Internet of Services: Two showcases in Construction and Printing Industries
    I. Angulo, V. Sánchez, S. Bilbao
  9. Artifact-centric Service Interoperability in the Flanders Research Information Portal
    P. De Leenheer

25-Oct-2010: submitted by Lyndon Nixon
26-Oct-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org