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Intelligent Virtual Environments and Virtual Agents


Proceedings of the IVEVA 2004 Workshop,
ITESM Campus Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, D.F , Mexico, April 27th 2004

Edited by

Carlos Delgado-Mata, The University of Salford, C.Delgado@pgr.salford.ac.uk
Jesus Ibanez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, jesus.ibanez@upf.edu




Agents and Affect: Why Embodied Agents Need Affective Systems
Professor Ruth Aylett
Centre for Virtual Environments, University of Salford, U.K.


Intelligent Modelling of Virtual Worlds Using Domain Ontologies
W. Bille, B. Pellens, F. Kleinermann and O. De Troyer.

Interaction Modeling with Artificial Life Agents.
E. German-Soto, C. Sanchez-Sanchez and L. B. Sheremetov

Groups and Crowds with behaviors specified in the environment.
I. Rudomin, F. Perez and E. Millan

Characterising Emotion Signalling and Affected Group Behaviour in Virtual Mammals
C. Delgado-Mata

Speaking and acting -Interacting language and action for an expressive character
S. Louchart, D. Romano and R.S. Aylett

Welcome to MY Virtual Place
J. Ibanez and R. Aylett.

Development of an API to Create Interactive Storytelling Systems
E. Larios, J. Savage and R. Ruiz

Giving Embodied Agents a Grid-Boost.
J. A. Perez, C. Delgado-Mata and R.S.Aylett

Using Hardware-based Voice Recognition to Interact with a Virtual Environment
M.A. Garcia-Ruiz and Cesar R. Bustos-Mendoza.


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