[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-102

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KR-MED 2004
First International Workshop on Formal Biomedical Knowledge Representation

Proceedings of the KR 2004 Workshop on
Formal Biomedical Knowledge Representation

Whistler, BC, Canada, 1 June 2004.

Edited by

Udo Hahn *

Organized by

Ronald Cornet #
Stefan Schulz +

* Computational Linguistics, University of Jena, Germany
# Medical Informatics, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+ Medical Informatics, University Hospital, Freiburg, Germany

Table of Contents

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  1. Axioms for parthood and containment relations in bio-ontologies (pp. 4-11)
    Thomas Bittner
  2. Investigating subsumption in DL-based terminologies: A Case Study in SNOMED CT (pp. 12-20)
    Olivier Bodenreider, Barry Smith, Anand Kumar, Anita Burgun
  3. STEEL: A spatio-temporal extended event language for tracking epidemic spread from outbreak reports (pp. 21-30)
    Hervé Chaudet
  4. Using semantic dependencies for consistency management of an ontology of brain-cortex anatomy  (pp. 30-38)
    Olivier Dameron, Bernard Gilbaud, Mark Musen
  5. Weaving the biomedical Semantic Web with the Protégé OWL Plugin (pp. 39-47)
    Holger Knublauch, Olivier Dameron, Mark A. Musen
  6. Symbolic modeling of structural relationships in the Foundational Model of Anatomy (pp. 48-62)
    José L.V. Mejino, Cornelius Rosse
  7. Towards a computational paradigm for biomedical structure (pp. 63-71)
    Stefan Schulz, Udo Hahn
  8. Examining SNOMED from the perspective of formal ontological principles: Some preliminary analysis and observations (pp. 72-80)
    Kent A. Spackman, Guillermo Reynoso
  9. Representing the MeSH in OWL: Towards a semi-automatic migration (pp. 81-87)
    Lina Soualmia, Christine Golbreich, Stéfan Darmoni
  10. Using C-OWL for the alignment and merging of medical ontologies (pp. 88-101)
    Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Frank van Harmelen, Paolo Bouquet, Fausto Giunchiglia, Luciano Serafini
  11. Lessons learned from aligning two representations of anatomy (pp. 102-108)
    Songmao Zhang, Peter Mork, Olivier Bodenreider

submitted by S. Schulz, May 21, 2004