[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-1085

CSDM PW 2013
CSDM 2013 Poster Workshop

Proceedings of the Poster Workshop at the 2013 Complex Systems Design and Management Conference
(CSDM 2013)

Paris, France, December 4th, 2013.

Edited by

Marc Aiguier, École Centrale Paris - Laboratoire MAS, France
Frédéric Boulanger, Supélec - E3S, France
Daniel Krob, École Polytechnique - LIX, France
Clotilde Marchal, EADS, France

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
    Marc Aiguier, Frédéric Boulanger, Daniel Krob, Clotilde Marchal
  2. Methodology for Determining Stakeholders' Criteria Weights in Systems Engineering 1-12
    Vikas Shukla, Guillaume Auriol
  3. Reinventing Goal-Based Requirements Modeling 13-24
    Vikas Shukla, Guillaume Auriol
  4. Concurrent system engineering in Air Traffic Management: steering the SESAR program 25-32
    André Ayoun, Gianni Inzerillo, Benoit Fonck, Alfredo Gomez
  5. Agile stylized approach to manage complex project 33-43
    Mikhail Belov
  6. A Model-Based Assessment for the Solution Space of a Cognitive Coffee Robot Waiter 45-57
    Thierry Sop Njindam, Torsten Metzler, Udo Lindemann, Kristin Paetzold
  7. The Missing Link - between Requirements and Design 59-74
    Armin Hasse, Cees Michielsen
  8. Global Safety Management Method in Complex System Engineering 75-86
    Romaric Guillerm, Hamid Demmou, Nabil Sadou
  9. Proposition of a guide for investigating, modeling and analyzing system operating modes: OMAG 87-97
    Vincent Chapurlat, Nicolas Daclin
  10. Systems engineering and modeling: some epistemological remarks 99-113
    Fabio Roda
  11. A model-based method to support complex system design via systems interactions analysis 115-126
    Fabien Retho, Hichem Smaoui, Jean-Claude Vannier, Philippe Dessante
  12. Model-Based Interchange Formats: a Generic Set of Tools for Validating Structured Data against a Knowledge Base 127-138
    Olivier Rosec, Pascal Rivière
  13. Runtime Fault Prediction and Prevention for Emerging Services in System of Systems 139-152
    Imad Sanduka, Tim Lochow, Roman Obermaisser
  14. A different view on system decomposition - subsystem-centered property evaluation in multiple supersystems 153-165
    Arne Herberg, Udo Lindemann
  15. Simulation for all components, phases and life-cycles of complex space systems 167-174
    Fernand Quartier, Frederic Manon
  16. Towards a formal language for systemic requirements 175-184
    Yann Hourdel

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