[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-133

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Workshop n°5 : Cooperative Systems and Context


Workshop n°10 : Groupware and Context


Proceedings of the Workshops on 
Cooperative Systems and Context, and, Groupware and Context

organized at the Fifth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context
Paris (France), July 5-8, 2005.

Edited by

Pascale Zaraté and Jean Luc Soubie 1

Marcos R.S. Borges and Jose A. Pino 2

1 IRIT INPT-UPS, Toulouse, France
2 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro , Brazil and Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile


Table of Contents

  1. Workshops on CooperativeSystems, Groupware and Context
    Pascale Zaraté, Jean Luc Soubie, Marcos Borges, José Pino

  2. A Learning Interaction Memory using Contextual Information
    S. Siebra, A.C. Salgado, P. Brézillon, P. Tedesco

  3. Towards the Narrative Approach to Collect Group Knowledge and Context
    F. Santoro, P. Brézillon

  4. AulaNetM: Extension of the AulaNet Environment to PDAs
    D. Filippo, H. Fuks, C. Lucena

  5. Context in Collaborative Mobile Scenarios
    R. Alarcon, J.A. Pino, S. Ochoa, L. Guerrero

  6. The Decision Hedehog: Enhancing Contextual Knowledge for Group Decision Authoring and Communication Support
    G. Jones, P. Humphreys

  7. Contextual Support for Remote Cooperative Troubleshooting: Lessons From a Naturalistic Study
    D. Leake, S. Bogaerts, M. Evans, D. McMullen

  8. Placing Newly-Arising Goals in the Proper Context
    E. Turner, R. Turner, E. Albert

  9. First Steps in Context Modeling for Conflicts Characterization in Cooperative Task-Execution Support Systems
    M. Munoz

  10. Towards rich context virtual worlds
    M. El Jed, B. Pavard, N. Pallamin

  11. Enhancing Collaboration Services with Business Context Models
    M. Zacarias, A. Marques, H. Pinto, J. Tribolet

submitted by Pascale Zaraté, June 13th 2005
updated index and preface by Pascale Zaraté, June 23rd 2005