[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-146

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MRC '05
Second International Workshop on
Modeling and Retrieval of Context

Proceedings of the IJCAI-05 Workshop on
Modeling and Retrieval of Context
Edinburgh, July 31 - August 1, 2005.

Edited by

Thomas R. Roth-Berghofer *
Stefan Schulz #
David B. Leake +

* TU Kaiserslautern / DFKI GmbH, Germany
# Carleton University, Germany
+ Indiana University, USA

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
    Stefan Schulz, David B. Leake, Thomas R. Roth-Berghofer
  2. Activity Theory and Context-Awareness
    Anders Kofod-Petersen, Jörg Cassens
  3. Issues on Context Modelling
    Stathis Kasderidis
  4. A Layered Model for User Context Management with Controlled Aging and Imperfection Handling
    Andreas Schmidt
  5. A Context Model for Personal Knowledge Management
    Sven Schwarz
  6. Identifying the Multiple Contexts of a Situation
    Aviv Segev
  7. Representing the Context of Equivalent Query Words as a Means of Preserving Search Precision
    Timothy A. Musgrove
  8. Evaluation and Selection of Context Information
    Maria Chantzara, Miltiades Anagnostou
  9. Analysis and Cluster Based Modelling and Recognition of Context in a Mobile Environment
    Agathe Battestini and John A. Flanagan
  10. Defining and Modeling Context in a Multi-Agent Systems Architecture for Decision-Making
    Oana Bucur, Philippe Beaune, Oivier Boissier
  11. User-initiated context switching using NFC
    Janne Jalkanen
  12. An Architecture for Developing Context-aware Systems
    Kaiyu Wan, Vasu Alagar, Joey Paquet
  13. Recognition of Psychologically Relevant Aspects of Context on the Basis of Features of Speech
    Anthony Jameson, Barbara Großmann-Hutter, Christian Müller, Frank Wittig, Juergen Kiefer, Ralf Rummer
  14. Situation Modeling and Smart Context Retrieval with Semantic Web Technology and Conflict Resolution
    Dominik Heckmann
  15. An Engineering Approach to Adaptation and Calibration
    Michael Fahrmair, Wassiou Sitou

submitted by Thomas Roth-Berghofer, August 12, 2005