HT-ExtProc 2016
Hypertext 2016 Extended Proceedings

Late-breaking Results, Demos, Doctoral Consortium, Workshops Proceedings and Creative Track of the 27th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT 2016)

Halifax, Canada, July 13-16, 2016.

Edited by

Kevin Koidl1
Ben Steichen2

1 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
2 Santa Clara University, USA

The Late-breaking Results, Demos, the Doctoral Consortium and the Workshop papers at the 27th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media.

The ACM Hypertext 2016 conference focuses on missing links on the WWW: how can the Hypertext paradigm and research inspire and improve the Web? Which missing links (and linking paradigms) can improve connections, communication and collaboration? Apart from the regular research tracks, Hypertext 2016 features a creative track.

Table of Contents

HT 2016 Late-breaking Results and Demos

organized by Kevin Koidl, Ben Steichen

  1. Adaptive web-based educational application for autistic students (Demo)
    Alejandro Montes García, Natalia Stash, Marc Fabri, Paul De Bra, George H. L. Fletcher, Mykola Pechenizkiy
  2. PersTour: A Personalized Tour Recommendation and Planning System (Demo)
    Kwan Hui Lim, Xiaoting Wang, Jeffrey Chan, Shanika Karunasekera, Christopher Leckie, Yehui Chen, Cheong Loong Tan, Fu Quan Gao, Teh Ken Wee
  3. Return to the Native: From NLS/Augment to HTML 5 (Demo)
    Daniel Yule, James Blustein, Ann-Barbara Graff,

HT 2016 Doctoral Consortium

organized by Johan Bollen

  1. Active Tweet Recommendation Based on User Interest Profiles
    Raheleh Makki
  2. An assessment towards adoption and diffusion of smart wearable technologies by consumers: the cases of smart watch and fitness wristband products
    Milad Dehghani
  3. Intelligent Nudging to Support Interactive Exploration of a Data Graph
    Marwan Al-Tawil
  4. Real-Time Recommendations in a Multi-Domain Environment
    Emanuel Lacic
  5. Twitter Analysis to Predict the Satisfaction of Telecom Company Customers
    Latifah Almuqren, Alexandra I. Cristea

HT 2016 Workshops

chaired by Dongwon Lee

Narrative and Hypertext (NHT)

organized by Charlie Hargood, David Millard

  1. Lore v. Representation: Narrative Communication of Power with Regard to Gender in League of Legends
    Elzabi M. Rimington, Tom Blount
  2. Thoughts About Writing An Exciting Hypertext
    Mark Bernstein
  3. Yarncraft: Location Aware Narratives in Virtual Space
    Tom Blount, Jonathan Scott, David E. Millard

Future of Computer Annotation

organized by James Blustein, Ann-Barbara Graff

  1. Annotation and Gothic Hypertext
    Mark Bernstein
  2. Multitouch-based Annotation Boards for Face-to-Face Discussions
    Jessica Rubart

Creative Track

In the wake of a booming resurgence of interest in creative hypertext over recent years the following proceddings reflect new directions and possibilities for artists exploring the creative potential of the link. The accepted submissions cover a broad range of creative works from a variety of artistic traditions that engage with the expressive potentials of hypertext, the link, and social media—particularly those that address the conference theme of “Missing Links.”

organized by Stacey Mason

    Carlos Ramírez
  2. Decline And Fall
    Mark Bernstein
  3. Generative Stein Poems
    Everardo Reyes-Garcia Samuel Szoniecky Jean-Pierre Balpe
  4. Hypertext and Cultural Autobiography: Talk with Your Hands Like an Ellis Island Mutt
    Steven Wingate
  5. Pluto: A Transmedia/Virtual Reality Gameworld
    Mez Breeze Andrew Campbell

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