[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-17

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Cross-Organisational Workflow Management and Co-ordination

Proceedings of the Workshop on Cross-Organisational Workflow Management and Co-ordination,
San Francisco, USA, February 22, 1999.

Edited by

Christoph Bussler1
Paul Grefen2
Heiko Ludwig3
Ming-Chien Shan4

1The Boeing Company, Applied Research and Technology, P. O. Box 3707, M/S 7L-70, Seattle, WA 98124-2207, U.S.A.
2Universiteit Twente , Computer Science Department, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
3IBM Research Division, Zurich Research Laboratory- Saeumerstrasse 4, CH-8803 Rueschlikon, Switzerland
4HP Labs, Building 1U-4,1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304, U.S.A

The workshop was held in conjunction with WACC '99 (Work Activities Coordination and Collaboration), February 22 - 25, 1999, San Francisco, USA.

Table of Contents

Paper No. 1

Contract-based Cross-Organisational Workflows - The CrossFlow Project

Heiko Ludwig, Yigal Hoffner
IBM Research Division, Zurich Research Laboratory,
CH-8803 Rüschlikon, Switzerland

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Paper No. 2

  BSCW-Flow: Workflow in Web-based Shared Workspaces

Thomas Kreifelts, Elke Hinrichs, Gerd Woetzel
German National Research Center for Computer Science
Sankt Augustin, Germany
{kreifelts, hinrichs, woetzel}@gmd.de

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Paper No. 3

Workflow Management Systems and Cross-Organisational Logistics

Willem Jonker, Wim Nijenhuis, Zef Damen, Martin Verwijmeren
KPN Research
PO Box 15000, 9700-CD Groningen, The Netherlands


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Paper No. 4

From Oz to TreatyMaker: An International Alliance for Multi-Organization Workflow

Gail Kaiser
Columbia UniversityDepartment of Computer Science
1214 Amsterdam Avenue, Mail Code 0401
New York, NY 10027 United States


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Paper No. 5

  Cost Estimation in the CPAM Access Protocol for Remote Autonomous Services

Dorothea Beringer, Gio Wiederhold
Computer Science Department, Stanford University

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Paper No. 6

Cross Organisational Workflow Co-ordinated by Software Agents

J. W. Shepherdson, S.G. Thompson and B.R. Odgers
Intelligent Business Systems Research Group, BT Laboratories, UK

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Paper No. 7

Towards Distributed Workflow Process Management

Johann Eder1, Euthimios Panagos2
1 University of Klagenfurth, Austria, eder@ifi.uni-klu.ac.at
2 AT&T Labs - Research, 180 Park Avenue, Florham Park, NJ 07932, thimios@research.att.com

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Paper No. 8

Semantic Interoperability in Interorganizational Workflows

Fabio Casati,
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informatzione
Politecnico di Milano
Piazza L. Da Vinci, 32 - I-20133 Milano, Italy

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Paper No. 9

The Vortex Approach to Integration and Coordination of Workflows

Richard Hull1, Jianwen Su2
1 Bell Labs, USA
2 University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

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submitted by H. Ludwig, March 17, 1999