This volume contains the proceedings of the Posters and Demos Track at the 13th International Conference on Semantic Systems, SEMANTiCS 2017. SEMANTiCS is the annual meeting place for professionals who make semantic computing work, who understand its benefits and encounter its limitations. Every year, SEMANTiCS attracts information managers, IT-architects, software engineers and researchers from organisations ranging from research facilities, NPOs, through public administrations to the largest companies in the world.

SEMANTiCS offers a forum for the exchange of latest scientific results in semantic systems and complements these topics with new research challenges in areas like data science, machine learning, logic programming, content engineering, social computing, Semantic Web and many more. The conference is in its 13th year and has developed into an internationally visible and professional academic event.

Attendees learn from industry experts and top researchers about emerging trends and topics in the wide area of semantic computing. The SEMANTiCS community is highly diverse; attendees have responsibiliities in interlinking areas such as knowledge management, technical documentation, e-commerce, big data analytics, enterprise search, document management, business intelligence and enterprise vocabulary management.

Since 2016 the SEMANTiCS conference series has a specific subtitle The Linked Data Conference, and especially welcomes submissions for the following hot topics:

  1. Data Science

  2. Web Semantics, Linked (Open) Data &

  3. Corporate Knowledge Graphs

  4. Knowledge Integration and Language Technologies

  5. Data Quality Management

  6. Economics of Data, Data Services and Data Ecosystems

The Posters & Demos Track provided an opportunity to present late-breaking research results, smaller contributions, and innovative work in progress.

The Posters & Demonstrations Track provided an opportunity to present innovative work in progress, late-breaking research and innovation results, and smaller contributions in all fields related to the broadly understood Semantic Web. These include submissions on innovative applications with impact on end users such as demos of solutions that users may test or that are yet in the conceptual phase, but are worth discussing, and also applications, use cases or pieces of code that may attract developers and potential research or business partners. This also concerns new data sets made publicly available.

The informal setting of the Posters & Demonstrations Track encouraged participants to present innovations to the research community, business users and find new partners or clients and engage in discussions about the presented work.

A total of 18 submissions were accepted to this track, selected with a peer-reviewing process from 26 total poster and demo submissions. In addition, we accepted 2 papers from the main research track and 3 presentations of research project. This volume includes these papers in HTML/RASH format, as well as traditional PDF.

Text is additionally available as RDF in NLP Interchange Format and annotated with DBpedia Spotlight (in RDF/Turtle and the self-indexed RDF/HDT format). We also include a compilation of all texts enriched with DBpedia categories. This allows for retrieving fine-grained information and statistics via SPARQL queries (e.g. loading the HDT file in Jena). For example, Listing 1 shows a SPARQL query retrieving all paper in our proceedings mentioning SPARQL or other W3C standards. The result states that 12 papers (out of 23) mention SPARQL, and 14 papers mention W3C standards (61% of the papers in these proceedings).

prefix rdf: <>
prefix dbo: <>
prefix schema: <>
prefix dbpedia: <>
prefix xsd: <>
prefix itsrdf: <>
prefix nif: <>
PREFIX skos: <>

SELECT ?sparqlcount ?wwwcount ?papercount ((?wwwcount/?papercount) as ?result) {

# count of papers mentioning sparql
{SELECT (count (distinct ?context) as ?sparqlcount) {
?s nif:referenceContext ?context .
?s itsrdf:taIdentRef <> .

# count of papers mentioning W3C standards (1 hop up the subcat tree)
{SELECT (count (distinct ?context) as ?wwwcount) {
?s nif:referenceContext ?context .
?s itsrdf:taIdentRef ?o .
?o <> <> .
?o <> [ <> <> ].


# total paper count
{SELECT (count (distinct ?papers) as ?papercount) {
?papers nif:isString [] .

Listing 1.- SPARQL Query to get all paper in proceedings mentioning SPARQL or W3C standards

In addition, we invited 16 posters and demos from other tracks and workshops, as well as 5 papers already published in the Semantic Web Journal. This volume lists these papers, which can be found in their respective sources.

Many thanks also go to all authors who submitted papers and of course to the program committee which provided careful reviews in a quick turnaround time.

Special thanks go to Thomas Thurner for providing the organizational infrastructure, and Silvio Peroni and Marvin Hofer for their help with the innovative Posters and Demos HTML/RASH proceedings.

We would also like to thank our sponsors (i.a.o.):

Special thanks also go to the partners of the conference which are:

We hope that the Posters & Demonstrations Track of SEMANTiCS 2017 will provide you with new inspirations for your research and with opportunities for partnerships with other research groups, academic and industrial participants.

Sincerely yours,

Javier D. Fernández and Sebastian Hellmann

Amsterdam, September 2017

Programme Committee - Posters and Demos