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OWL: Experiences and Directions 2006

Proceedings of the OWLED*06 Workshop on
OWL: Experiences and Directions

Athens, Georgia (USA) November 10-11, 2006.

Edited by

Bernardo Cuenca Grau *
Pascal Hitzler +
Conor Shankey &
Evan Wallace %

* The University of Manchester
+ University of Karlsruhe
& Visual Knowledge

Table of Contents

  1. Reasoning Support for Ontology Design
    C. Lutz, F. Baader, E. Franconi, D. Lembo, R. Moeller, R. Rosati, U. Sattler, B. Suntisrivaraporn and S. Tessaris
  2. DIG 2.0 -- Towards a Flexible Interface for Description Logic Reasoners
    S. Bechhofer, T. Liebig, M. Luther, O. Noppens, P. Patel-Schneider, B. Suntisrivaraporn A. Turhan and T. Weithöner
  3. Research on the Rules of Mapping from Relational Model to OWL
    G. Shen, Z. Huang, X. Zhu and X. Zhao
  4. Towards a Hybrid System for Brain MRI Images Description
    A. Mechouche, C. Golbreich, B. Gibaud
  5. What BioPAX communicates and how to extend OWL to help it
    A. Ruttenberg, J. Rees and J. Zucker
  6. The Manchester OWL Syntax
    M. Horridge, N. Drummond, J. Goodwin, A. Rector, R. Stevens and H. Wang
  7. Defining a Benchmark Suite for Evaluating the Import of OWLLite Ontologies
    R. Garcia-Castro, A. Gomez-Perez and S. David
  8. Next Steps for OWL
    B. Cuenca Grau, I. Horrocks, B. Parsia, P. Patel-Schneider and U. Sattler
  9. Putting OWL in Order: Patterns for Sequences in OWL
    N. Drummond, A. Rector, R. Stevens, G. Moulton, M. Horridge, H. Wang and J. Seidenberg
  10. Problems with OWL Syntax
    B. Motik and I. Horrocks
  11. Semantically-Enabled Virtual Observatories
    D. McGuiness and P. Fox
  12. Supporting Early Adoption of OWL 1.1 with Protege-OWL and FaCT++
    M. Horridge and D. Tsarkov
  13. On the Complexity of Horn Description Logics
    M. Kroetzsch, S. Rudolph and P. Hitzler
  14. Belief Base Revision for Expressive Description Logics
    C. Halaschek-Wiener and Y. Katz
  15. Implementing OWL Defaults
    V. Kolovski, B. Parsia and Y. Katz
  16. Linking Data to Ontologies: The Description Logic DL-Lite_A
    D. Calvanese, G. DeGiacomo, D. Lembo, M. Lenzerini, A. Poggi and R. Rosati
  17. A Case for Abductive Reasoning over Ontologies
    C. Elsenbroich, O. Kutz and U. Sattler
  18. Wings for Pegasus: A Semantic Approach to Creating Very Large Scientific Workflows
    Y. Gil, J. Kim, V. Ratnakar and E. Deelman
  19. Developing Ontologies in OWL: an Observational Study
    M. Dzbor, E. Motta, C. Buil, J.M. Gomez, O. Goertlitz and H. Lewen
  20. Exporting Knowledge Bases into OWL
    V. Chaudhri, B. Jarrold and J. Pacheco
  21. C. Dolbear, G. Hart and J. Goodwin
    What OWL Has Done for Geography and Why We Don't Need it to Map Read
  22. Something Nasty in the Woodshed: the Public Knowledge Model R. Stevens, P. Lord and A. Gibson
  23. A View of OWL From the Field: Use-cases and Experiences
    A. Kershenbaum, A. Fokoue, C. Patel, C. Welty, E. Schonberg, J. Cimino, L. Ma, K. Srinivas, R. Schloss and J W. Murdock
  24. A Typed Hybrid Description Logic Programming Language with Polymorphic Order-Sorted DL-Typed Unification for Semantic Web Type Systems
    A. Paschke
  25. Adapt OWL as a Modular Ontology Language
    J. Bao and V. Honavar
  26. OntoKBEval: DL-based Evaluation of OWL Ontologies
    Q. Lu and V. Haarslev
  27. Requirements for Representing Situations
    R. Hoekstra, J. Liem, B. Bredeweg and J. Breuker
  28. GLOO: A Graphical Query Language for OWL Ontologies
    A. Fadhil and V. Haarslev
  29. From AGROVOC to the Agricultural Ontology Service / Concept Server - An OWL model for creating ontologies in the agricultural domain
    A.C. Liang, B. Lauser and M. Sini

submitted by Bernardo Cuenca Grau, 13-Nov-2006
published on CEUR-WS.org, 14-Nov-2006