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EROW 2007
Emerging Research Opportunities for Web Data Management

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Emerging Research Opportunities for Web Data Management (EROW 2007)
Collocated with the 11th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2007)
Barcelona, Spain, January 13, 2007.

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Table of Contents

  1. Integrating XQuery and P2P in MonetDB/XQuery*
    Ying Zhang, Peter Boncz
  2. Scalable Query Dissemination in XPeer
    Giovanni Conforti, Giorgio Ghelli, Paolo Manghi, Carlo Sartiani
  3. Optimization of Query Plans in the presence of Access Limitations
    Andrea Cali, Diego Calvanese, Davide Martinenghi
  4. Coupling Fragments of XPath with XML Indexing and Query Decomposition
    George H.L. Fletcher, Dirk Van Gucht, Yuqing Wu, Marc Gyssens, Jan Paredaens
  5. Hierarchical Summarizing and Evaluating for Web Pages
    Kou Takahashi, Takao Miura, Isamu Shioya
  6. Finding K Optimum Edit Scripts between an XML Document and a RegularTree Grammar
    Nobutaka Suzuki
  7. Updating Views Over Recursive XML
    Ming Jiang, Ling Wang, Murali Mani, Elke Rundensteiner
  8. Representing data as resources in RDF and OWL
    Pierre-Antoine Champin
  9. XML Schema Mappings in the Presence of Key Constraints and Value Dependencies
    Tadeusz Pankowski, Jolanta Cybulka, Adam Meissner

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