[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-247

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CAiSE'07 Forum

Proceedings of the CAiSE'07 Forum at the 19th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

Trondheim, Norway, 11 – 15 June 2007

Edited by:

Johann Eder, University of Vienna, Austria
Stein L. Tomassen, NTNU Trondheim, Norway
Andreas Opdahl, University of Bergen, Norway
Guttorm Sindre, NTNU Trondheim, Norway

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
    Johann Eder, Stein L. Tomassen, Andreas L. Opdahl, and Guttorm Sindre
  2. Ubiquitous Information Systems

  3. Achieving trust in IT outsourcing relationships
    Eva Söderström, and Christian Lennerholt
  4. Modeling Ubiquitous Business Process Driven Applications
    Victoria Torres, Pau Giner, and Vicente Pelechano
  5. Development of an Ubiquitous Decision Support System for Clinical Guidelines using MDA
    Ivan Porres, Eladio Domínguez, Beatriz Pérez, Áurea Rodríguez, and María A. Zapata
  6. Grid Services for Efficient Decentralized Indexation and Query Execution on Distributed Data Warehouses
    Pascal Wehrle, Anne Tchounikine, and Maryvonne Miquel
  7. Incorporating Completeness Quality Support in Internet Query Systems
    Sandra de F. Mendes Sampaio, and Pedro R. Falcone Sampaio
  8. Analyzing the Business of Software: A Modelling Technique for Software Supply Networks
    Slinger Jansen, Anthony Finkelstein, and Sjaak Brinkkemper
  9. A Context-based Approach for Complex Semantic Matching
    Youssef Bououlid Idrissi, and Julie Vachon
  10. BPM and Workflow

  11. Peer-to-Peer Execution of BPEL Processes
    Weihai Yu
  12. Specification and Verification of Authorization Policies for Web Services Composition
    Mohsen Rouached, and Claude Godart
  13. Fact-Oriented Business Rule Modeling in the Event Perspective
    Peter Bollen
  14. A weighted coupling metric for business process models
    Irene Vanderfeesten, Jorge Cardoso, and Hajo A. Reijers
  15. PICTURE – A new Approach for Domain-Specific Process Modelling
    Jörg Becker, Daniel Pfeiffer, and Michael Räckers
  16. Rule-based Autocompletion of Business Process Models
    Thomas Hornung, Agnes Koschmider, and Andreas Oberweis
  17. Error Metrics for Business Process Models
    Jan Mendling, and Gustaf Neumann
  18. A Blackboard Architecture for Workflows
    Stefan Kleine Stegemann, Burkhardt Funk, and Thomas Slotos
  19. A Semantic-based Approach for Compliance Management of Internal Controls in Business Processes
    Kioumars Namiri, and Nenad Stojanovic
  20. Conceptual Modeling, IS Design- and Architecture

  21. Automated Semantic Analyses of Conceptual Models
    Jörg Becker, and Daniel Pfeiffer
  22. Generating Multidimensional Schemas from the Semantic Web
    Oscar Romero, and Alberto Abelló
  23. Principles of Screenography
    Thomas Moritz, René Noack, Klaus-Dieter Schewe, and Bernhard Thalheim
  24. Measuring Model Transformation in Model Driven Development
    Motoshi Saeki, and Haruhiko Kaiya
  25. Towards more Reuse in Conceptual Modeling – A Combined Approach using Contexts
    Jörg Becker, Christian Janiesch, and Daniel Pfeiffer
  26. A comparison of deontic matrices, maps and activity diagrams for the construction of situational methods
    Valeria Seidita, Jolita Ralyté, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Massimo Cossentino, and Nicolas Arni-Bloch
  27. Situational Method Engineering: Fragments or Chunks?
    B. Henderson-Sellers, C. Gonzalez-Perez, and J. Ralyté

submitted by Johann Eder and Simone Kriglstein, 15-Jun-2007
published on CEUR-WS.org, 17-Jun-2007
changed on 18-June-2007 by S.Kriglstein (corrected date of conference and titles of papers 13 and 22)