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5th International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality

Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality

GIST Gwangju, Korea, July 14-18, 2007.

Edited by

Dongpyo Hong* and Seokhee Jeon**

* Department of Information and Communication, GIST in Gwangju, Korea
** Department of Computer Science and Engineering, POSTECH in Pohang, Korea

Table of Contents

    Ubiquitous Virtual Reality: Human-Contents-Environment Seamless Interaction

  1. Virtual Reality in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
    Youngjung Suh, Kiyoung Kim, JoungHyun Han and Woontack Woo
  2. Realization of u-Contents: u-Realism, u-Mobility and u-Intelligence
    Kiyoung Kim, Youngho Lee, Dongpyo Hong and Woontack Woo
  3. Realizing Seamless Interaction: a Cognitive Agent Architecture for Virtual and Smart Environments
    Youngho Lee, Hedda Schmidtke, Youngjung Suh and Woontack Woo
  4. A concept model proposal study for Interactive Display set development
    Hyunchul Cho, Kihoon Lee, Jinsil Kim, Jihong Jung and Younghwan Pan
  5. A study on the device feature for Ubiquitous Guidance guide
    Dalhye Kim, Dukhyun, Eunjung Cho, Jihong Jung and Yonghwan Pan
  6. Light Source Estimation for Realistic Shadow using Segmented HDR Images
    JaeDoug Yoo and Kwanheng Lee
  7. A New Context-Aware Learning System for Predicting Services to Users in Ubiquitous Environment
    Jieun Lee, Sanghoun Oh and Moongu Jeon
  8. Augmented Gardening System with Personalized Pedagogical Agents
    Sejin Oh and Woontack Woo

    Mobile/Wearable Technology for Ubiquitous Virtual Reality

  9. Image Browsing in Mobile Device Using User Motion Tracking
    Sunghoon Yim, Jane Hwang, Seungmoon Choi, Gerard Jounghyun Kim
  10. The User Interface of Button Type for Stereo Video-See-Through Device
    Youngju Choi and Yongduek Seo
  11. Discovery, Selection and Interaction as Requirements for Personal Mobile Systems
    Hyoseok Yoon, Sang-goog Lee and Woontack Woo
  12. Cross-ratio Based Natural View Object Recognition for Mobile AR
    Hyejin Kim, Sang-goog Lee and Woontack Woo
  13. Context-assisted Tracking for Dynamic Target Augmentation
    Youngmin Park and Woontack Woo
  14. Disclosure Management in Context-aware Mobile Social Awareness Systems
    Umar Rashid and Woontack Woo
  15. Recommendation of preferable photo contents
    Jeong-min Yu, Sang-wook Lee, and Moon-gu Jeon
  16. Context based physiological signal analysis in a ubiquitous VR environment
    Ahyoung Choi and Woontack Woo

    Development Tools and Systems for Ubiquitous Virtual Reality

  17. How to build a Context-aware Architecture for Ubiquitous VR
    Yoosoo Oh and Woontack Woo
  18. Hand Gesture Recognition for Table-Top Interaction System
    Hyoungil Park and Jongweon Lee
  19. Augmented Reality Cooking System Using Tabletop Display Interface
    Han-byul Jang, Jang-woon Kim and Chil-woo Lee
  20. Graphical Tangible User Interface for a AR Authoring Tool in Product Design Environment
    Teajin Ha and Woontack Woo
  21. Community-based Harmonious Media Space for a Group of Users
    Choonsung Shin, Hyoseok Yoon, Jonghyun Han, Umar Rashid and Woontack Woo
  22. u-Community Manager based on Social Networks for User-Centric Community in USS
    Jonghyun Han and Woontack Woo
  23. A Study on the Expression of Emotions using Lights in Apparel Types
    YongSoon Choi, JuYong Kim, JaeKi Kyoun, Duk Hyun, Jihong Jeung
  24. CAMAR Core Platform
    Dongpyo Hong and Woontack Woo

submitted by Dongpyo Hong and Seokhee Jeon, 10-Jul-2007
published on CEUR-WS.org, 11-Jul-2007