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4th Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy

Proceedings of the 4th Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy

Genoa (Italy), September 20-22, 2007.

Edited by

Carlo Penco, Massimiliano Vignolo,ValeriaOttonelli and Cristina Amoretti

Department of Philosophy, University of Genoa

Table of Contents

    Ethics and Political Philosophy

  1. Justice and the Egalitarian Ethos (1-10)
    Enrico Biale
  2. Against "Prohibitions" (First Round) (11-32)
    Luis Duarte D'Almeida
  3. Is the Case Against Moral Luck Successful? (33-44)
    Sergi Rosell

    Metaphysics and Epistemology

  4. The Contingent A Priori and De Re Knowledge (45-58)
    Marco Ruffino
  5. The Case for Infallibilism (59-84)
    Julien Dutant
  6. The Value Problem of Knowledge. Against a Reliabilist Solution (85-92)
    Anne Meylan

    Ontology and Philosophy of Mind/Language

  7. Crocodile Tears (93-102)
    Carola Barbero
  8. Of Ability Statements (103-116)
    Ophelia Deroy
  9. Mind-Independence and Modal Empiricism (117-135)
    Sonia Roca-Royes
  10. From Ontological to Semantic Disagreement (136-148)
    Luca Morena

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