[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-311

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First International Workshop on Learning Object Discovery & Exchange

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Learning Object Discovery & Exchange

Sissi, Lassithi - Crete Greece, 18 September, 2007.

Edited by

David Massart, Jean-Noël Colin, and Frans Van Assche*

* European Schoolnet

Table of Contents


  1. Unifying Learning Object Repositories in MACE
    C. Prause, S. Ternier, T. de Jong, S. Apelt, M. Scholten, M. Wolpers, M. Eisenhauer, B. Vandeputte, M. Specht, and E. Duval
  2. Creation of Lithuanian Digital Library of Educational Resources and Services: the Hypothesis, Contemporary Practice, and Future Objectives
    E. Kurilovas, S. Kubilinskiene
  3. The Everlasting Dawn of Educational Brokers - A Search for Key Design Principles
    B. Simon, P. Oberhumer, and R. Kristöfl
  4. Learning Resource Referencing, Search and Aggregation at the eLearning System Level
    G. Paquette and F. Magnan
  5. Binding the Simple Query Interface
    N.V. Nguyen and D. Massart
  6. Network analysis of repositories
    B. Batagelj, I. Kavkler, and M. Lokar
  7. Improving Retrieval of Reusable Learning Resources by Estimating Adaptation Effort
    B. Zimmermann, M. Meyer, C. Rensing, and R. Steinmetz
  8. Profiled Search Methods for e-Learning Systems
    T. Orzechowski, S.Ernst, and A. Dziech
  9. Categorizing Learning Objects Based On Wikipedia as Substitute Corpus
    M. Meyer, C. Rensing, and R. Steinmetz
  10. An Information Architecture for Validating Courseware
    M. Melia and C. Pahl
  11. Linking Content to Curricula by using Competencies
    F. Van Assche
  12. Writing to be read - Readability indices for Open Educational Resources
    G. Richards

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published on CEUR-WS.org, 7-Jan-2008