[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-323

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Workshop on Common Sense Knowledge and Goal-Oriented Interfaces

Proceedings of the Workshop on
Common Sense Knowledge and Goal-Oriented Interfaces
Canary Islands, Spain, January 13, 2008.

Edited by

Andrew Gordon *
Catherine Havasi #
Mathias Lux **
Markus Strohmaier ##

* University of Southern California , The Institute for Creative Technologies, CA, USA
# Brandeis University, Lab for Linguistics and Computation, MA, USA
** Klagenfurt University, Institute for Information Technology, 8010 Klagenfurt, Austria
## Graz University of Technology, Knowledge Management Institute, 9020 Graz, Austria

Table of Contents


  1. ScratchTalk: A Natural Language framework for Social Computation
    Ian Eslick
  2. Thematically Related Words toward Creative Information Retrieval
    Eiko Yamamoto and Hitoshi Isahara
  3. Paving the Path to Automatic User Task Identification
    Anne Gutschmidt, Clemens H. Cap and Friedemann W. Nerdinger
  4. Different Degrees of Explicitness in Intentional Artifacts: An Exploratory Study of User Goals in a Search Query Log
    Markus Strohmaier, Peter Prettenhofer and Mathias Lux
  5. Using Spreading Activation through Ontologies to Support Personal Information Management
    Akrivi Katifori, Costas Vassilakis and Alan Dix

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published on CEUR-WS.org, 11-Feb-2008