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Domain-Specific Modeling Languages

Proceedings of the Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling Languages

Berlin, Germany, March 14, 2008.

Edited by

Dirk Fahland *
Daniel A. Sadilek *
Markus Scheidgen *
Stephan Weißleder *

* Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Department of Computer Science, 10099 Berlin, Germany

Complete workshop proceedings as one file (~16 MB).

Table of Contents


  1. Bidirectional Synchronization of Multiple Views of Software Models
    Miguel Garcia (pages 7-19)
  2. Towards Automated Testing of Abstract Syntax Specifications of Domain-Specific Modeling Languages
    Daniel A. Sadilek and Stephan Weißleder (pages 21-29)
  3. How Web 2.0 can leverage Model Engineering in Practice
    Manuel Wimmer, Andrea Schauerhuber, Michael Strommer, Jürgen Flandorfer, and Gerti Kappel (pages 31-44)
  4. Transformationen zwischen UML-Use-Case-Diagrammen und tabellarischen Darstellungen
    Julia Pilarski and Eric Knauss, pages (pages 45-58)
  5. Entwicklung und Evaluierung einer domänenspezifischen Sprache für SPS-Schrittketten
    Bastian Cramer, Dennis Klassen, and Uwe Kastens (pages 59-73)

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