[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-33

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Proceedings of the

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2000 International Workshop on
Description Logics

Aachen, Germany
August 17 - August 19, 2000
Edited by

Franz Baader, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Ulrike Sattler, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Supported by

Graduiertenkolleg 'Informatik und Technik'

The proceedings also appeared in Aachener Beiträge zur Informatik, Volume 29, Mainz Verlag.

Table of Contents


Invited talks

Leveraging Knowledge Bases, a decade ago, and now
P. Devanbu

What have the Romans (and Germans) ever done for us? or There are real applications for Description Logics some of which even take advantage of their reasoning services
C. Goble

From Play-In Scenarios To Code: An Achievable Dream
D. Harel

Presented Papers

TBox Acquisition and Information Theory
J. Alvarez

Fusions of Description Logics
F. Baader, C. Lutz, H. Sturm, and F. Wolter

Refining Concepts in Description Logics
L. Badea and S.-H. Nienhuys-Cheng

Driving User Interfaces from FaCT
S. Bechhofer and I. Horrocks

A DL to describe classes of queries and mapping information of an interoperable data system
J. Bermúdez and A. Illaramendi

What's not in a name: Some Properties of a Purely Structural Approach to Integrating Large DL Knowledge Bases
A. Borgida and R. Küsters

Keys for Free in Description Logics
D. Calvanese, G. De Giacomo, and M. Lenzerini

Knowledge Representation on the Web
S. Decker, D. Fensel, F. van Harmelen, I. Horrocks, S. Melnik, M. Klein, and J. Broekstra

A Semantic Approach for Schema Evolution and Versioning in Object-Oriented Databases
E. Franconi, F. Grandi, and F. Mandreoli

Rewriting Conjunctive Queries using Views in Description Logics with Existential Restrictions
F. Goasdoué and M.-C. Rousset

Decidability issues for action guarded logics
E. Goncalves and E. Grädel

High Performance Reasoning with Very Large Knowledge Bases
V. Haarslev and R. Möller

Optimizing TBox and ABox Reasoning with Pseudo Models
V. Haarslev and R. Möller

Schema Extraction for Semi-Structured Data
M.-S. Hacid, F. Soualmia, and F. Toumani

Implementing the n-ary Description Logic GF1¯
J. Hladik

Answering Conjunctive Queries over DL Aboxes: A Preliminary Report
I. Horrocks and S. Tessaris

Optimisation of Terminological Reasoning
I. Horrocks and S. Tobies

On Decidability and Complexity of Description Logics with Uniqueness Constraints
V.L. Khizder, D. Toman, and G. Weddell

A Description Logic Model for Reacting in a Dynamic Environment
M. Kullmann, F. de B. de Bertrand, and F. Rousselot

Mary Likes all Cats
C. Lutz and U. Sattler

What's New in DLP
P.F. Patel-Schneider

Assertional Mining in Description Logics
S. Schlobach

Adapting Optimization Techniques to Description Logics with Concrete Domains
A.-Y. Turhan and V. Haarslev

Simplicial Complexes for Description Logics Terminologies
E. Valencia and J.-P. Sansonnet

ALCRA - ALC with Role Axioms
M. Wessel, V. Haarslev, and R. Möller

submitted to CEUR-WS by Ralf Küsters, July 14, 2000