[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-363

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Exploring Modeling Methods for Systems Analysis and Design

Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Exploring Modeling Methods for Systems Analysis and Design (EMMSAD'05) held in conjunctiun with the 17th Conference on Advanced Information Systems (CAiSE'05)

Porto, Portugal, 13-14 June, 2005


Terry Halpin, Neumont University, USA
Keng Siau, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
John Krogstie, SINTEF and Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, Norway

Table of Contents

  1. The MAIS approach to web service design
    M. Adorni, F. Arcelli, D. Ardagna, L. Baresi, C. Batini, C. Cappiello, M. Comerio, M. Comuzzi, F. De Paoli, C. Francalanci, P. Losi, S. Grega, A. Maurino, S. Modafferi, B. Pernici, C. Raibulet, and F. Tisato, pp. 1-12
  2. Classification of Web-Based Ontology Building Method Guidelines: a Case Study
    S. Hakkarainen, D. Strasunskas, L. Hella, and S. Tuxen, pp. 13-26
  3. Methods as Action Knowledge: Exploring the Concept of Method Rationale in Method Construction, Tailoring and Use
    P.J. Agerfalk and B. Fitzgerald, pp. 27-40
  4. Adopting Open Source development tools in a commercial production environment - are we locked-in?
    A. Persson, H. Gustavsson, B. Lings, B. Lundell, A. Mattsson, and U. Ärlig Ärlig, pp. 41-52
  5. Reuse of a repository of conceptual schemas in a large scale project
    C. Batini and R. Grosso, pp. 53-64
  6. Enforcing Ontological Rules in UML-Based Conceptual Modeling: Principles and Implementation
    S. Lu and J. Parsons, pp. 65-76
  7. Experimental Comparison of Sequence and Collaboration Diagrams in Different Application Domains
    C. Glezer, M. Last, E. Nahmani, and P. Shoval, pp. 77-90
  8. Integrating UML Activity Diagrams with Temporal Logic Expressions
    J. Araújo and A. Moreira, pp. 91-98
  9. Towards explicit strategies for modeling
    S.J.B.A. Hoppenbrouwers, H.A. Proper, and Th.P. van der Weide, pp. 99-106
  10. A template-based analysis of GRL*
    G. Dallons, P. Heymans, and I. Pollet, pp. 107-118
  11. A Rigorous Framework for Model-Driven Development
    L. Favre, pp. 119-130
  12. A Historical Perspective on Conceptual Modelling: from Information Algebra to Enterprise Modelling and Ontologies
    J.A. Bubenko Jr, pp. 131-132
  13. Objectification
    T.A. Halpin, pp. 133-146
  14. An Analytical Evaluation of BPMN Using a Semiotic Quality Framework
    T. Wahl and G. Sindre, pp. 147-158
  15. Assessing Business Processing Modeling Languages Using a Generic Quality Framework
    A.G. Nysetvold and J. Krogstie, pp. 159-170
  16. Contract Workflow Model Patterns Using BPMN
    V. Kabilan, pp. 171-182
  17. Conceptual Model Evaluation. Towards more Paradigmatic Rigor
    J. Recker, pp. 183-194
  18. An Hybrid Approach to QoS Evaluation
    D. Ardagna, M. Comerio, F. De Paoli, and S. Grega, pp. 195-206
  19. Ontology-based Semantic Annotation of Process Templates for Reuse
    Y. Lin and D. Strasunskas, pp. 207-218
  20. Modeling, Auto-generation and Adaptation of Multi-Agent Systems
    L. Xiao and D. Greer, pp. 219-230
  21. A Concept-Based Query Language Not Using Proper Relation Names
    V. Ovchinnikov, pp. 231-242
  22. Hecataeus: A Framework for Representing SQL Constructs as Graphs
    G. Papastefanatos, K. Kyzirakos, P. Vassiliadis, and Y. Vassiliou, pp. 243-250

27-June-2008: submitted by Erik Proper
30-June-2008: published on CEUR-WS.org