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AWPN 2008
Algorithmen und Werkzeuge für Petrinetze

Proceedings of the 15th German Workshop on Algorithms and Tools for Petri Nets, AWPN 2008

Rostock, Germany, September 26–27, 2008.

Edited by

Niels Lohmann
Karsten Wolf

Universität Rostock, Insitute of Computer Science, 18051 Rostock, Germany

Proceedings as handed out at the workshop (~10 MB).

Table of Contents

Front Matter


  1. Oclets – Scenario-Based Modeling with Petri Nets
    Dirk Fahland (pages 1–6)
  2. EWFN – A Petri Net Dialect for Tuplespace-Based Workflow Enactment
    Daniel Martin, Daniel Wutke, and Frank Leymann (pages 7–14)
  3. Ein Petrinetz-Modell zur Informationsübertragung per Dialog
    Markus Huber, Christian Kölbl, Robert Lorenz, and Günther Wirsching (pages 15–24)
  4. A Janus-Faced Net Component for the Prototyping of Open Systems
    Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus and Daniel Moldt (pages 25–30)
  5. Proposal for Editing Workflows in a Distributed Software Development Environment
    Kolja Markwardt, Daniel Moldt, and Jan Ortmann (pages 31–36)
  6. Analysis and Synthesis

  7. Finding Cost-Efficient Adapters
    Christian Gierds (pages 37–42)
  8. Transient Analysis of Stochastic Petri Nets With Interval Decision Diagrams
    Martin Schwarick (pages 43–48)
  9. On Synthesizing Behavior that Is Aware of Semantical Constraints
    Karsten Wolf (pages 49–54)
  10. Towards Synthesis of Petri Nets from General Partial Languages
    Robert Lorenz (pages 55–62)
  11. Decompositional Calculation of Operating Guidelines Using Free Choice Conflicts
    Niels Lohmann (pages 63–68)
  12. An Approach to Tackle Livelock-Freedom in SOA
    Christian Stahl and Karsten Wolf (pages 69–74)
  13. Tools

  14. WoPeD 2.0 goes BPEL 2.0
    Andreas Eckleder and Thomas Freytag (pages 75–80)
  15. Synthesis of Petri Nets from Infinite Partial Languages with VipTool
    Robin Bergenthum and Sebastian Mauser (pages 81–86)
  16. Adding Runtime Net Manipulation Features to MULANVIEWER
    Jan Schlüter, Lawrence Cabac, and Daniel Moldt (pages 87–92)
  17. ImageNetDiff: A Visual Aid to Support the Discovery of Differences in Petri Nets
    Lawrence Cabac and Jan Schlüter (pages 93–98)
  18. FIONA: A Tool to Analyze Interacting Open Nets
    Peter Massuthe and Daniela Weinberg (pages 99–104)
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