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ZEUS 2009
Services und ihre Komposition

Proceedings of the 1st Central-European Workshop on Services and their Composition, ZEUS 2009

Stuttgart, Germany, March 2–3, 2009.

Edited by

Oliver Kopp 1
Niels Lohmann 2

1 Universität Stuttgart, Institute of Architecture of Application Systems, Universitätsstraße 38, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany
2 Universität Rostock, Insitute of Computer Science, 18051 Rostock, Germany

Proceedings as handed out at the workshop (~11 MB).

Table of Contents

Front Matter

    Invited Talk

  1. A theory of service behavior
    Karsten Wolf (pages 1–7)
  2. Modeling and Specification

  3. A scenario is a behavioral view – Orchestrating services by scenario integration
    Dirk Fahland (pages 8–14)
  4. Does my service have unspecified behavior?
    Kathrin Kaschner and Niels Lohmann (pages 22–28)
  5. A finite representation of all substitutable services and its applications
    Jarungjit Parnjai, Christian Stahl, and Karsten Wolf (pages 29–34)
  6. Prozessunterstützung für temporäre, ehrenamtliche und private Gruppen
    Daniel Schulte (pages 35–41)
  7. Anforderungen der industriellen Produktion an eine serviceorientierte Architektur
    Jochen Traunecker (pages 42–48)
  8. Choreographies

  9. Towards choreography transactions
    Oliver Kopp, Matthias Wieland, and Frank Leymann (pages 49–54)
  10. Realizability of interaction models
    Gero Decker (pages 55–60)
  11. Realizability is controllability
    Niels Lohmann and Karsten Wolf (pages 61–67)
  12. Do we need internal behavior in choreography models?
    Oliver Kopp and Frank Leymann (pages 68–73)
  13. Verification

  14. Creating a message profile for open nets
    Jan Sürmeli and Daniela Weinberg (pages 74–80)
  15. An efficient necessary condition for compatibility
    Olivia Oanea and Karsten Wolf (pages 81–87)
  16. Umstrukturierung von WS-BPEL-Prozessen zur Verbesserung des Validierungsverhaltens
    Thomas Heinze, Wolfram Amme, and Simon Moser (pages 88–94)
  17. Improving control flow verification in a business process using an extended Petri net
    Ganna Monakova, Oliver Kopp, and Frank Leymann (pages 95–101)
  18. Execution

  19. Facilitating rich data manipulation in BPEL using E4X
    Tammo van Lessen, Jörg Nitzsche, and Dimka Karastoyanova (pages 102–108)
  20. A method for partitioning BPEL processes for decentralized execution
    Daniel Wutke, Daniel Martin, and Frank Leymann (pages 109–114
Back Matter

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