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Ontology for the Intelligence Community (OIC-2008)

Towards Effective Exploitation and Integration of Intelligence Resources

Proceedings of the Third International Ontology for the Intelligence Community Conference

Fairfax, VA, USA, December 3-4, 2008.

Edited by

Kathryn Blackmond Laskey *
Duminda Wijesekera *

* George Mason University, USA

Table of Contents

  1. Leveraging Emergent Ontologies in the Intelligence Community
    Jim Starz, Jason Losco, Brian Kettler, Rachel Hingst and Christopher Rouff
  2. Automatic Ontology Creation from Text for National Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF)
    Mithun Balakrishna and Munirathnam Srikanth
  3. Semantics for Information Sharing and Discovery in the Intelligence Community
    Martin Thurn
  4. Semantic Wiki for Tactical Intelligence Applications: A Demonstration
    Daniel Reininger, Jeff Mershon, Jef Armstrong, Ray Kulberda, Andrew Cohen, P. Robert Bullard and David Ihrie
  5. Ontology of Evidence
    Kathryn B. Laskey, David A. Schum, Paulo C. G. Costa, and Terry Janssen
  6. The Ontology of Systems
    Kristo Miettinen
  7. Ontology-based Technologies - Technology Transfer from Bioinformatics?
    Fabian Neuhaus
  8. Intelligence Analysis Ontology for Cognitive Assistants
    Mihai Boicu, Gheorghe Tecuci and David Schum
  9. Common Logic for an RDF Store
    Bob MacGregor
  10. Unification of Geospatial Reasoning, Temporal Logic, & Social Network Analysis in an RDF Database
    Jans Aasman
  11. Toward an Open-Source Foundation Ontology Representing the Longman’s Defining Vocabulary: The COSMO Ontology OWL Version
    Patrick Cassidy
  12. ICD Wiki – Framework for Enabling Semantic Web Service Definition and Orchestration
    Dean Brown and Dominick Profico
  13. Intelligence Analysis and the Semantic Web: an Alternative Semantic Paradigm
    Brock Stitts
  14. Model Driven Ontology: A New Methodology for Ontology Development
    Mohamed Keshk and Sally Chambless

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