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Towards an Analytic Pragmatism (TAP-2009)

Workshop on Bob Brandom's Recent Philosophy of Language

Proceedings of the Workshop on Bob Brandom's Recent Philosophy of Language: Towards an Analytic Pragmatism (TAP-2009)

Genoa, Italy, April 19-23, 2009.

Edited by

Cristina Amoretti *
Carlo Penco *
Federico Pitto *

* University of Genoa, Department of Philosophy, Via Balbi 4, 16126 Genova, Italy

Complete Workshop Proceedings (link, 5.5MB)

Table of Contents

    Modality, Intentionality and Discursive Practice

  1. Pragmatism, Inferentialism and Modality in Sellars's Arguments against Empiricism
    Robert Brandom
  2. Brandom's Five-Step Program for Modal Health
    Fredrik Stjernberg
  3. The Status of Intentional Vocabulary in Discursive Practice: Reading Making it Explicit in the Light of "Between Saying and Doing"
    David Lauer
  4. Logic, Semantics and the Theory of Meaning

  5. Inferentialism and the Normativity of Meaning
    Jaroslav Peregrin
  6. Disagreement, Error and Two senses of Incompatibility
    Tanja Pritzlaff
  7. Varieties of Analytic Pragmatisms
    Danielle Macbeth
  8. Is logic Demarcated by Its Expressive Role?
    Berhnard Weiss
  9. Logic and Pragmatics
    Daniele Porello
  10. Can Negation be Defined in Terms of Incompatibilty?
    Nils Kurbis
  11. A Reconstruction of Hierarchical Relations between Incompatibility-Entailment, Committive, and Permissive Consequences
    Edgar Andrade Lotero and Catarina Dutilh-Novaes
  12. Intentionality and the Philosophy of Mind

  13. Meaning, Disposition and Supervenience
    Leonardo Marchettoni
  14. Mindful Consequences of Inferentialism and Normativism. Why Mental Episodes Ain't in the Head (at All)
    Pierre Steiner
  15. How Analytic Philosophy Has Failed Cognitive Science
    Robert Brandom
  16. Two Aspects of Content: Semantic Inferentialist's Reconciliation of Authoritative Self-Knowledge and Content Externalism
    Shuhei Shimamura
  17. Explicating as Distancing
    Jeremy Wanderer
  18. Mind Body Problem and Brandom's Analytic Pragmatism
    Francois-Igor Pris
  19. Towards an Analytic Pragmatist Account of Folk Psychology
    Derek W. Strijbos - Leon C. De Bruin
  20. Pragmatism and Metaphysics

  21. Brandom between Anthropology and Metaphysics
    Bernd Prien
  22. On the Very Idea of Brandom's Pragmatism
    Tadeusz Szubka
  23. Pragmatism and Metaphysics in Brandom's "Between Saying and Doing"
    Elena Ficara
  24. Metaphilosophical Reflections on the Idea of Metaphysics
    Robert Brandom
  25. Appendix: Tutorials on Bob Brandom's Philosophy

  26. Assertion and Inference (on: Making It Explicit)
    Carlo Penco
  27. Some Pragmatist Themes in Brandom's Reconstructive Rationality (on: Tales of the Mighty Dead)
    Italo Testa
  28. Brandom and "The Logicist's Dilemma" (on: Ch. II of Between Saying and Doing)
    Raffaela Giovagnoli
  29. Pragmatism and Intentionalilty (on: Ch. VI of Between Saying and Doing)
    Giorgio Bertolotti

15-Apr-2009: submitted by Cristina Amoretti and Federico Pitto
15-Apr-2009: published on CEUR-WS.org