[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-480

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LSDS-IR 2009
Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval

Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval, co-located with ACM SIGIR 2009

Boston, USA, July 23, 2009.

Edited by

Claudio Lucchese *
Gleb Skobeltsyn **
Wai Gen Yee ***

* I.S.T.I. "A. Faedo", C.N.R., Via G. Moruzzi, 1, 56124 Pisa, Italy.
** Google Inc., Brandschenkestrasse 110, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland.
*** Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, 10 W. 31st Street, Chicago, IL 60616, USA.

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Table of Contents

  1. Collection Selection with Highly Discriminative Keys
    Sander Bockting, Djoerd Hiemstra, pages 9-16
  2. PP-Index: Using Permutation Prefixes for Efficient and Scalable Approximate Similarity Search
    Andrea Esuli, pages 17-24
  3. Static Index Pruning for Information Retrieval Systems: A Posting-Based Approach
    Linh Thai Nguyen, pages 25-32
  4. Sorting using BItonic netwoRk wIth CUDA
    Gabriele Capannini, Fabrizio Silvestri, Ranieri Baraglia, Franco Maria Nardini, pages 33-40
  5. Comparing Distributed Indexing: To MapReduce or Not?
    Richard McCreadie, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis, pages 41-48
  6. Strong Ties vs. Weak Ties: Studying the Clustering Paradox for Decentralized Search
    Weimao Ke, Javed Mostafa, pages 49-56
  7. The Curse of Zipf and Limits to Parallelization: An Look at the Stragglers Problem in MapReduce
    Jimmy Lin, pages 57-60
  8. Are Web User Comments Useful for Search?
    Wai Gen Yee, Andrew Yates, Shizhu Liu, Ophir Frieder, pages 61-68
  9. Peer-to-Peer Clustering of Web-browsing Users
    Patrizio Dazzi, Pascal Felber, Le Bao Anh, Lorenzo Leonini, Matteo Mordacchini, Raffaele Perego, Martin Rajman, Etienne Riviere, pages 69-76

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