[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-54

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Proceedings of the


9th International Workshop on
Knowledge Representation meets Databases
(KRDB 2002)

Toulouse France
April 21, 2002

Organizing Commitee:
Alex Borgida, Rutgers University, USA
Diego Calvanese, Universita di Roma, ITALY
Laurence Cholvy, ONERA Centre de Toulouse, FRANCE
Marie-Christine Rousset, University of Paris-Sud, Orsay, FRANCE

KRDB 2002 is an affiliate event with KR2002, Toulouse, 22-25 April 2002
KRDB2002 is sponsored by ONERA and the University of Paris Sud and the Institut Universitaire de France

Table of Contents


Incompleteness and inconsistency in information integration
M. Lenzerini

Compilation and Approximation of Conjunctive Queries by Concept Descriptions
F. Goasdoue, M. Ch. Rousset

Querying Objects with Description Logics
M. Peim, E. Franconi, N. W. Paton, C. A. Gobble

Toward Updates in Description Logics
M. Roger, A. Simonet, M. Simonet

Conjunctive Query Containment in the Presence of Disjunctive Integrity Constraints
F. Wei, G. Lausen

Towards a representation system for possibilistic relations
P. Bosc, O. Pivert

Specifying Event Logics for Active Databases
I. Kiringa

Document Content Authoring and Hybrid Knowledge Bases
M. Dymetman

Source inconsistency and incompleteness in data integration
D. Lembo, M. Lenzerini, R. Rosati

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