[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-57

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AOIS '02


Proceedings of the Fourth International Bi-Conference Workshop on  AGENT-ORIENTED INFORMATION SYSTEMS (AOIS-2002 at CAiSE*02) 

Toronto (Ontario, Canada), May 27-28, 2002

Edited by

Paolo Giorgini *
Yves Lespérance **
Gerd Wagner ***
Eric Yu ****

*        Department of Computer Science, Univ. of Trento (IT)
**      Department of Computer Science, York Univ. (CA)
***    Dep. Information & Technology, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (NL)
****  Faculty of Information Studies, Univ. of Toronto (CA)


Table of Contents

  1. Full Lifecycle Methodologies for Agent-Oriented Systems - The Extended OPEN Process Framework
    J. Debenham and B. Henderson-Sellers

  2. Agents, goals, and quality in a structured requirements engineering framework - a case study -
    Paolo Donzelli

  3. Integrating Ontologies into Multiagent Systems Engineering
    Jonathan DiLeo, Timothy Jacobs, and Scott DeLoach

  4. An Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Methodology with Application of Information Gathering Systems for LCC
    Tiemei Irene Zhang, Elizabeth Kendall, and Harvey Jiang

  5. The Adelfe Methodology For an Intranet System Design
    Carole Bernon, Marie-Pierre Gleizes, Gauthier Picard, and Pierre Glize

  6. ABROSE : Multi Agent Systems for Adaptive Brokerage
    Marie-Pierre Gleizes and Pierre Glize

  7. Developing Formal Specifications of Multi-Agent Systems in SLABS -- A Case Study of Evolutionary Multi-Agent Ecosystem
    Hong Zhu

  8. Applying Tropos to requirement analysis for a Tropos tool
    Paolo Bresciani and Fabrizio Sannicolò

  9. Use of Intelligent Agents in Home Entertainment
    Mehrdad Jalali-Sohi

  10. Designing a multi-agent solution for a bookstore with the PASSI  methodology
    Piermarco Burrafato and Massimo Cossentino

  11. Socio-Intentional Architectures for Multi-Agent Systems: the Mobile Robot Control case
    Paolo Giorgini, Manuel Kolp, and John Mylopoulos

  12. Using Tropos Methodology to Model an Integrated Health Assessment System
    Haralambos Mouratidis, Paolo Giorgini, Ian Philp, and Gordon Manson

  13. Agent-Oriented Methodologies - Towards A Challenge Exemplar
    Eric Yu and Luiz Cysneiros

  14. Agent Oriented Software Engineering with MESSAGE
    Jorge J. Gómez-Sanz and Juan Pavón

submitted by Paolo Giorgini, May 15, 2002