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Workshop on Context 2010

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Contexts: What is Said

Genoa (Italy) June 11-2010.

Edited by Filippo Domaneschi*, Carlo Penco*, Massimiliano Vignolo**

* Department of Philosopy, University of Genoa (Italy)
** Okkam, University of Trento (Italy),

Table of Contents

  1. Speech Acts in Context 3
    Claudia Bianchi
  2. The Problem of Incompletness and Some Solutions 10
    Emma Borg
  3. Critical Pragmatics: Errors, Lies and Ironies 14
    Joana Garmendia
  4. On Grice's Demand on What is Said 21
    Kepa Korta
  5. Come Rain or Come Shine: How to stop Worrying about Unarticulated Constituents 26
    Stefano Predelli

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