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OWLED 2010
OWL: Experiences and Directions

Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on OWL: Experiences and Directions (OWLED 2010)

San Francisco, California, USA, June 21-22, 2010.

Edited by

Evren Sirin *
Kendall Clark *

* Clark & Parsia, LLC, Washington, DC, USA

Table of Contents

    Long Papers

  1. Relational Patterns in OWL and Their Application to OBO
    Robert Hoehndorf, Anika Oellrich, Michel Dumontier, Heinrich Herre, Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann
  2. Representing Chemicals Using OWL, Description Graphs and Rules
    Janna Hastings, Michel Dumontier, Duncan Hull, Matthew Horridge, Christoph Steinbeck, Robert Stevens, Ulrike Sattler, Tertia Horne, Katarina Britz
  3. Towards Identity in Linked Data
    James P McCusker, Deborah L McGuinness
  4. A Survey of Identifiers and Labels in OWL Ontologies
    Nor Azlinayati Abdul Manaf, Sean Bechhofer, Robert Stevens
  5. M2: A Language for Mapping Spreadsheets to OWL
    Martin O'Connor, Christian Halaschek-Wiener, Mark Musen
  6. Representing Social Reality in OWL 2
    Rinke Hoekstra
  7. The Justificatory Structure of OWL Ontologies
    Samantha Bail, Bijan Parsia, Ulrike Sattler
  8. Constructions for Modeling Product Structure
    Henson Graves
  9. Short Papers

  10. Computed Knowledge Base for Description of Information Resources of Water Spectroscopy
    Alexey Privezentsev, Alexander Fazliev, Dmitry Tsarkov, Jonathan Tennyson
  11. An OWL Ontology for Quantum Mechanics
    Marcin Skulimowski
  12. SHARE & The Semantic Web - This Time it's Personal!
    Benjamin Vandervalk, Luke McCarthy, Mark Wilkinson
  13. An Open Source Database Backend for the OWL API and Protege 4
    Timothy Redmond
  14. The OWLlink API: Teaching OWL Components a Common Protocol
    Olaf Noppens, Marko Luther, Thorsten Liebig
  15. PelletServer: HTTP & OWL2 Reasoning
    Blazej Bulka, Evren Sirin
  16. Terp: Syntax for OWL-friendly SPARQL Queries
    Evren Sirin, Blazej Bulka, Michael Smith
  17. OWLGrEd: a UML Style Graphical Notation and Editor for OWL 2
    Janis Barzdins, Guntis Barzdins, Karlis Cerans, enars Liepins, Arturs Sprogis
  18. Leverage of OWL-DL axioms in a Contact Centre for Technical Product Support
    Alexandre Kouznetsov, Bradley Shoebottom, Rene Witte, Christopher JO Baker

15-Jul-2010: submitted by Evren Sirin
15-Jul-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org