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Linked Data on the Web 2010

Proceedings of the WWW2010 Workshop on Linked Data on the Web

Raleigh, USA, April 27, 2010.

Edited by

Christian Bizer *
Tom Heath **
Tim Berners-Lee ***
Michael Hausenblas ****

* Freie Universität Berlin, 14195 Berlin, Germany
** Talis Information Ltd, Birmingham B37 7YB, United Kingdom
*** World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Cambridge MA 02139, United States
**** DERI NUI Galway, IDA Business Park, Ireland

Table of Contents

    Session 1: Linked Data Publishing

  1. Data.dcs: Converting Legacy Data into Linked Data
    Matthew Rowe
  2. Lifting File Systems into the Linked Data Cloud with TripFS
    Bernhard Schandl, Niko Popitsch
  3. Semantic Statistics: Bringing Together SDMX and SCOVO
    Richard Cyganiak, Simon Field, Arofan Gregory, Wolfgang Halb, Jeni Tennison
  4. Weaving the Pedantic Web
    Aidan Hogan, Andreas Harth, Alexandre Passant, Stefan Decker, Axel Polleres
  5. Session 2: Data Linking

  6. Exploring RDF Usage and Interlinking in the Linked Open Data Cloud using ExpLOD
    Shahan Khatchadourian, Mariano P. Consens
  7. OpenChart: Charting Quantitative Properties in LOD
    Filip Zembowicz, David Opolon, Stephen Miles
  8. Data linking: capturing and utilising implicit schema-level relations
    Andriy Nikolov, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta
  9. Preserving Linked Data on the Semantic Web by the application of Link Integrity techniques from Hypermedia
    Rob Vesse, Wendy Hall, Les Carr
  10. When owl:sameAs isn't the Same: An Analysis of Identity Links on the Semantic Web
    Harry Halpin, Pat Hayes
  11. Session 3: Infrastructure and Architectures

  12. Linking Data from RESTful Services
    Rosa Alarcon, Erik Wilde
  13. A Proposal for Publishing Data Streams as Linked Data - A Position Paper
    Davide Francesco Barbieri, Emanuele Della Valle
  14. Towards Dataset Dynamics: Change Frequency of Linked Open Data Sources
    Jürgen Umbrich, Michael Hausenblas, Aidan Hogan, Axel Polleres, Stefan Decker
  15. An HTTP-Based Versioning Mechanism for Linked Data
    Herbert Van de Sompel, Robert Sanderson, Michael Nelson, Lyudmila Balakireva, Harihar Shankar, Scott Ainsworth
  16. Session 4: Governmental Data

  17. Linking UK Government Data
    John Sheridan, Jeni Tennison
  18. Geographical Service: a compass for the Web of Data
    Gianluca Correndo, Manuel Salvadores, Yang Yang, Nick Gibbins, Nigel Shadbolt
  19. Session 5: Linked Data Applications

  20. Real-time #SemanticWeb in <= 140 chars
    Joshua Shinavier
  21. User Interface Design Considerations for Linked Data Authoring Environments
    Stephen Davies, Jesse Hatfield, Chris Donaher, Jessica Zeitz
  22. Discovery and Construction of Authors' Profile from Linked Data (A case study for Open Digital Journal)
    Atif Latif, Muhammad Tanvir Afzal, Denis Helic, Klaus Tochtermann, Hermann Maurer
  23. Looking for Experts? What can Linked Data do for You?
    Milan Stankovic, Claudia Wagner, Jelena Jovanovic, Philippe Laublet


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Christian Bizer, Tom Heath, Tim Berners-Lee, Michael Hausenblas (eds.): Proceedings of the Linked Data on the Web Workshop (LDOW2010),
   Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, April 27, 2010, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, ISSN 1613-0073, online CEUR-WS.org/Vol-628/.

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Matthew Rowe: Data.dcs: Converting Legacy Data into Linked Data.
   In: Proceedings of the Linked Data on the Web Workshop (LDOW2010), Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, April 27, 2010, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 
ISSN 1613-0073, online CEUR-WS.org/Vol-628/ldow2010_paper01.pdf.

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