[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-638

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Mashup Personal Learning Environments 2010

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Mashup Personal Learning Environments. In conjunction with the 5th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ECTEL'10): Sustaining TEL

Barcelona, Spain, September 29, 2010.

Edited by

Fridolin Wild *
Marco Kalz **
Matthias Palmér ***

* Knowledge Media Institute , The Open University (UK)
** Center for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CELSTEC), Open University of the Netherlands, 6401 DL Heerlen, The Netherlands
***The Knowledge Management Research Group, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

Table of Contents


  1. SIMPLE - a Social Interactive Mashup PLE
    Nicolas Weber, Tobias Nelkner, Karin Schoefegger
  2. Usability and Inter-widget Communication in PLE
    Erik Isaksson, Matthias Palmer
  3. Towards Developing a Semantic Mashup Personal and Pervasive Learning Environment: SMupple
    Ahmet Soylu, Fridolin Wild, Felix Mödritscher, Patrick De Causmaecker
  4. WINDMash : A Visual Mashup Environment Dedicated to the Design of Web Interactive Applications
    The Nhan Luong, Patrick Etcheverry, Thierry Nodenot, Christophe Marquesuzaà, Philippe Lopistéguy
  5. A Simple MVC Framework for Widget Development
    Behnam Taraghi, Martin Ebner
  6. From Personal Environment to Personal Learning Environment
    Bernadette Charlier, France Henri, Daniel Peraya, Denis Gillet
  7. Google Wave Platform. Exploring the Settings for Personalized Learning
    Malinka Ivanova, Javed Alam
  8. Aggregating Student Blogs with EduFeedr. Lessons Learned from First Tryouts
    Hans Põldoja, Pjotr Savitski, Mart Laanpere
  9. Live Annotation and Content Discovery in Personal Learning Environments
    Joseph Corneli, Alexander Mikroyannidis
  10. Client-sided vs. Server-sided MUPPLEs: Can Add-ons Beat Platform-based Solutions?
    Felix Mödritscher

27-Sep-2010: submitted by Marco Kalz
28-Sep-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org