[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-640

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Towards Digital Earth: Search, Discover and Share Geospatial Data

Proceedings of the Workshop "Towards Digital Earth: Search, Discover and Share Geospatial Data 2010"

Workshop at Future Internet Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 20, 2010.

Edited by

Anusuriya Devaraju *
Alejandro Llaves *
Patrick Maué *
Carsten Keßler *

* Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Münster, Germany

Table of Contents

  1. Integrating Human Observations and Sensor Observations – the Example of a Noise Mapping Community
    Theodor Foerster, Simon Jirka, Christoph Stasch, Benjamin Pross, Thomas Everding, Arne Bröring, Eike Juerrens
  2. Towards Meaningful URIs for Linked Sensor Data
    Krzysztof Janowicz, Arne Bröring, Christoph Stasch, Thomas Everding
  3. Can we Trust Information? – The Case of Volunteered Geographic Information
    Mohamed Bishr, Krzystof Janowicz
  4. Collaboration in the Model Web
    Sven Schade, Patrick Maué, Clodoveu Davis
  5. Geospatial Linked Open Services
    Barry Norton, Reto Krummenacher
  6. Finding OGC Web Services in the Digital Earth
    Aneta Jadwiga Florczyk, Patrick Maué, Francisco Javier López Pellicer, Francisco Javier Nogueras Iso

27-Sep-2010: submitted by Carsten Keßler
28-Sep-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org