[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-643

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AWPN 2010
Algorithmen und Werkzeuge für Petrinetze

Proceedings of the 17th German Workshop on Algorithms and Tools for Petri Nets

Cottbus, Germany, October 07-08, 2010.

Edited by

Martin Schwarick *
Monika Heiner *

* Brandenburg University of Technology, Computer Sience Department, 03013 Cottbus, Germany

Table of Contents

  1. Universal Inhibitor Petri Net 1-15
    Dmitry Zaitsev
  2. On Optimizing the Sweep-Line Method 16-21
    Robert Prüfer
  3. Embedding the Free-choice Semantics of AND/XOR-EPCs into the Boolean Semantics 22-41
    Christoph Schneider, Joachim Wehler
  4. Modular and Hierarchical Modelling Concept for Large Biological Petri Nets Applied to Nociception 42-50
    Mary Ann Blätke, Wolfgang Marvan
  5. Computation of Enabled Transition Instances for Colored Petri Nets 51-65
    Fei Liu, Monika Heiner
  6. Hybrid Petri Nets for Modelling of Hybrid Biochemical Interactions 66-79
    Mostafa Herajy, Monika Heiner
  7. IDD-MC - A Model Checker for Bounded Stochastic Petri nets 80-87
    Martin Schwarick
  8. Simulative CSL model checking of Stochastic Petri nets in IDD-MC 88-93
    Christian Rohr
  9. Re-Thinking Process Mining with Agents in Mind 94-99
    Nils Erik Flick, Lawrence Cabac, Nicolas Denz, Daniel Moldt
  10. Helper Agents as a Means of Structuring Multi-Agent Applications 100-105
    Kolja Markwardt, Daniel Moldt
  11. PyTri, a Visual Agent Programming Language 106-111
    Jochen Simon, Daniel Moldt
  12. Optimised Calculation of Symmetries for State Space Reduction 112-117
    Harro Wimmel
  13. Reachability Analysis via Net Structure 118-123
    Harro Wimmel, Karsten Wolf
  14. Decidability Issues for Decentralized Controllability of Open Nets 124-129
    Karsten Wolf
  15. On the Notion of Deadlocks in Open Nets 130-135
    Richard Müller
  16. A Graphical User Interface for Service Adaptation 136-141
    Christian Gierds, Niels Lohmann
  17. Managing Test Suites for Services 142-147
    Kathrin Kaschner
  18. The Petri Net API A Collection of Petri Net-related Functions 148-153
    Niels Lohmann, Stephan Mennicke, Christian Sura
  19. Partner datenverarbeitender Services 154-159
    Christoph Wagner

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07-Oct-2010: submitted by Martin Schwarick
08-Oct: published on CEUR-WS.org