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Future Internet Symposium 2010 - Poster and Demo Session

Proceedings of the Future Internet Symposium 2010 - Poster and Demo Session

Berlin, Germany, Sep 20-22, 2010.

Edited by

Harith Alani *
Pierluigi Plebani **

* The Open University, Knowledge Media institute, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA, United Kingdom
** Politecnico di Milano, Dip. Elettronica ed Informazione, Via Ponzio 34/5, 20133, Milano, Italy

Table of Contents

  1. visKWQL, Visual Keyword Queries for Semantic Data
    Andreas Hartl, Klara Weiand, François Bry
  2. Not So Creepy Crawler: Crawling the Web with XQuery
    Franziska von dem Bussche, Klara Weiand, Benedikt Linse, Tim Furche, François Bry
  3. Linked Open Services: Current Implementations and Approaches to Composition
    Barry Norton, Reto Krummenacher, Adrian Marte
  4. ERP B3: Service Level Driven Management of On-Demand Business Support Systems
    Ulrich Winkler, Daniel Playfair, Wolfgang Theilmann
  5. Nature Inspired Self-Organizing Semantic Storage
    Robert Tolksdorf, Hannes Mühleisen, Kia Teymourian, Marko Harasic, Anne Augustin
  6. Behaviour of Maximum-Throughput Dynamic Routing in Loopy Networks
    Venkataramana Badarlam Douglas J Leith
  7. Poster: Persistent Content-based Publish/Subscribe Service On Top Of DHT
    Yan Shvartzshnaider, Maximilian Ott, David Levy
  8. Access Control for RDF: Experimental Results
    Giorgos Flouris, Irini Fundulaki, Maria Michou, Grigoris Antoniou
  9. Experimental Testing in the Future Internet PERIMETER Project
    Eileen Dillon, Gemma Power, Frances Cleary Grant
  10. NoTube: making television more personal
    Lyndon Nixon
  11. The Information Workbench. Interacting with the Web of Data
    Peter Haase, Andreas Eberhart, Sebastian Godelet, Tobias Mathaß, Thanh Tran, Gunter Ladwig, Andreas Wagner

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15-Oct-2010: submitted by Pierluigi Plebani
16-Oct-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org