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Doctoral Symposium on Software Language Engineering 2010

Proceedings of the 1st Doctoral Symposium of the International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE-DS-2010)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, October 11, 2010.

Edited by

Eric Van Wyk *
Steffen Zschaler **

* University of Minnesota, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Minneapolis, USA
** Lancaster University, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster, UK

Table of Contents

  1. Practical Ambiguity Detection for Context-Free Grammars 5-8
    H. J. S. Basten
  2. Generating Semantic Editors using Reference Attribute Grammars 9-14
    Emma Söderberg
  3. Zipper-based Embedding of Modern Attribute Grammar Extensions 15-20
    Pedro Martins
  4. Automata Based Method for Domain-specific Languages Definition 21-25
    Ulyana Tikhonova
  5. Test Case Generation for Programming Language Metamodels 27-30
    Hao Wu
  6. Lenses for View Synchronization in Metamodel-Based Multi-View Modeling 31-36
    Arif Wider
  7. Analyzing Dynamic Models using a Dataflow based Approach 37-41
    Christian Saad
  8. Using SLE for creation of Data Warehouses 43-47
    Yvette Teiken
  9. Domain-Specific Languages for Digital Forensics 49-53
    Jeroen van den Bos
  10. Towards Better Support for Pattern-Oriented Software Development 55-59
    Dietrich Travkin
  11. Using Product Lines to Manage Variability in Mobile Context-Aware Applications 61-65
    Dean Kramer
  12. Towards Privacy Policy-Aware Web-Based Systems 67-71
    Ekaterina Pek
  13. User-centric Programming Language 73-77
    Wiktor Nowakowski

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15-Oct-2010: submitted by Steffen Zschaler
16-Oct-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org