[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-685

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Mining the Future Internet

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Mining the Future Internet

Berlin, Germany, September 20th, 2010.

Edited by

Olga Streibel *
Achim Rettinger **
José Quesada ***

* Free University Berlin, Institute for Computer Science, Corporate Semantic Web, Berlin, Germany
** Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
***Max Planck Institute for Human Development, MPI, Adaptive Behavior and Cognition Group, Berlin, Germany

Table of Contents

  1. Mining Future Internet (workshop abstract) 1
    José Quesada, Achim Rettinger, Olga Streibel
  2. Statistical Machine Learning with Linked Data (invited talk abstract) 2
    Volker Tresp
  3. A Scalable Kernel Approach to Learning in Semantic Graphs with Applications to Linked Data 3-13
    Yi Huang, Maximilian Nickel, Volker Tresp, Hans-Peter-Kriegel
  4. Analyzing the Facebook Friendship Graph 14-19
    Salvatore Catanese, Pasquale De Meo, Emilio Ferrara, Giacomo Fiumara
  5. Mining the Internet for scientific discoveries 20-25
    Shao Chih Kuo, Andrea Splendiani, Michael Defoin-Platel, Chris Rawlings
  6. Large-scale Ordinal Collaborative Filtering 26-31
    Ulrich Paquet, Blaise Thomson, Ole Winther
  7. A context-based algorithm for annotating educational content with Linked Data 32-37
    Estefanía Otero-García, Juan C.Vidal, Manuel Lama, Alberto Bugarín, José E. Domenech

05-Nov-2010: submitted by Olga Streibel, Achim Rettinger
16-Dec-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org