[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-71

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ODS 2003

Proceedings of the IJCAI-03 Workshop on
Ontologies and Distributed Systems

Acapulco, August 9th, 2003.

Edited by

Fausto Giunchiglia 1
Asucion Gomez-Perez 2
Adam Pease 3
Heiner Stuckenschmidt (Chair) 4
York Sure 5
Steven Willmott 6

1 Department of Information and Communication Technology University of Trento 38050 Povo di Trento, ITALY
2 Facultad de Informatica Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Campus de Montegancedo, sn Boadilla del Monte, 28660, Spain
3 Teknowledge, 1810 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA, 94303, USA
4 Artificial Intelligence Department Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam De Boelelaan 1081a, 1081 HV Amsterdam, NL
5 Institut AIFB Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH) D-76128 Karlsruhe, Germany
6 Languages and Systems Department Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona, Spain

Table of Contents

  1. On Ontology-based Querying
    T. Andreasen, H. Bulskov and R. Knappe
  2. Context Matching for Electronic Marketplaces - A Case Study
    M. Bonifacio, A. Dona, A. Molani and L. Serafini
  3. Statistics Gathering for Learning from Distributed, Heterogeneous and Autonomous Data Sources
    D. Caragea, J. Reinoso, A. Silvescu and V. Honavar
  4. An Ontology for Context-Aware Pervasive Computing Environments
    H. Chen, T. Finin and A. Joshi
  5. An Environment for Development of Semantic Web Services
    O. Corcho, M. Fernandez-Lopez, A. Gomez-Perez and M. Lama
  6. OntoVote: a scalable distributed votes collecting mechanism for ontology drift of P2P platforms
    Y. Ge, Y. Yu, X. Zhu, S. Huang and M. Xu
  7. Semantic Matching
    F. Giunchiglia and P. Shvaiko
  8. A Component-Based Framework for Ontology Evolution
    M. Klein and N.F. Noy
  9. Human Centred Ontology Management with HCONE
    K. Kotis and G.A. Vouros
  10. Engaging Prolog with RDF
    B. Omelayenko
  11. The Sigma Ontology Development Environment
    A. Pease
  12. A Target-Centric Ontology for Intrusion Detection
    J. Pinkston, J. Undercoffer, A. Joshi and T. Finin
  13. Ontologies in a Pervasive Computing Environment
    A. Ranganathan, R.E. McGrath, R.H. Campbell, M.D. Mickunas
  14. Engineering a complex ontology with time
    J. Santos and S. Staab
  15. Ontologies for Learning Agents: Problems, Solutions and Directions
    B. Stanescu, C. Boicu, G. Balan, M. Barbulescu, M. Boicu and G. Tecuci
  16. Compiling Complex Terminologies for Query Processing
    H. Stuckenschmidt
  17. Ontologies for World Modeling in Autonomous Vehicles
    M. Uschold, R. Provine, S. Smith, C. Schleno, and S. Balikirsky

submitted by H. Stuckenschmidt, May 28th, 2003