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Linked Learning 2011
eLearning Approaches for the Linked Data Age

Proceedings of Linked Learning 2011: the 1st International Workshop on eLearning Approaches for the Linked Data Age

co-located with the 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference, ESWC2011

Heraklion, Greece, May 29, 2011.

Edited by

Stefan Dietze *
Mathieu d'Aquin *
Dragan Gasevic **
Miguel-Angel Sicilia ***

* The Open University, UK
** Athabasca University, Canada
*** University of Alcalá, Spain

Table of Contents

Accepted Papers

  1. The OU Linked Open Data: Production and Consumption
    Fouad Zablith, Miriam Fernandez, Matthew Rowe
  2. Using Linked Data to Reduce Learning Latency for e-Book Readers
    Johann Stan, Myriam Ribiere, Julien Robinson
  3. A Linked Knowledge Base for Simulation Learning
    Irene Celino, Daniele Dell'Aglio
  4. Connecting Medical Educational Resources to the Linked Data Cloud: the mEducator RDF Schema, Store and API
    Evangelia Mitsopoulou, Davide Taibi, Daniela Giordano, Stefan Dietze, Hong Qing Yu, Panagiotis Bamidis, Charalampos Bratsas, Luke Woodham
  5. Educational Semantic Wikis in the Linked Data Age: the case of MSc Web Science Program at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    Charalampos Bratsas, Anastasia Dimou, Georgios Alexiadis, Despoina-Eleana Chrysou, Kostantinos Kavargyris, Ioannis Parapontis, Panagiotis Bamidis, Ioannis Antoniou
  6. A Linked Data-driven & Service-oriented Architecture for Sharing Educational Resources
    Hong Qing Yu, Stefan Dietze, Ning Li, Carlos Pedrinaci, Davide Taibi, Nikolas Dovrolis, Teodor Stefanut, Eleni Kaldoudi, John Domingue
  7. Zenaminer: driving the SCORM Standard towards the Web of Data
    Ernesto Mudu, Luca Schiatti, Giuseppe Rizzo, Antonio Servetti
  8. Developing controlled Vocabularies for educational Resources Sharing: a Case Study
    Daniela Giordano, Isaak Kavasidis, Concetto Spampinato, Panagiotis Bamidis
  9. Applying and Extending Semantic Wikis for Semantic Web Courses
    Lloyd Rutledge, Rineke Oostenrijk
  10. Navigating learning Resources through Linked Data: a preliminary Report on the Re-Design of Organic.Edunet
    Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Salvador Sanchez-Alonso, Fernando Alvarez, Alberto Abián, Elena Garcia-Barriocanal
  11. Educational Resources as Social Objects in Semantic Social Networks
    Eleni Kaldoudi, Nikolas Dovrolis, Daniela Giordano, Stefan Dietze
  12. Generating educational Assessment Items from Linked Open Data: the Case of DBpedia
    Muriel Foulonneau
  13. A Mobile and Adaptive Language Learning Environment based on Linked Data
    Davy Van Deursen, Igor Jacques, Stefan De Wannemacker, Steven Torrelle, Wim Van Lancker, Maribel Montero Perez, Erik Mannens, Rik Van De Walle

28-Apr-2011: submitted by Mathieu d'Aquin
29-Apr-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org