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Petri Nets and Software Engineering 2011

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Petri Nets and Software Engineering

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, June 20-21, 2011.

Edited by

Michael Duvigneau *
Daniel Moldt *
Kunihiko Hiraishi **

* University of Hamburg, Department of Informatics, Hamburg, Germany
** Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Kanazawa, Japan

PNSE'11 proceedings as a single volume.
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Table of Contents

    Invited Talks

  1. Unfolding Models of Asynchronous Systems: Applications to Analysis and Synthesis 9-9
    Victor Khomenko
  2. Design, Modelling and Analysis of a Workflow Reconfiguration 10-24
    Manuel Mazzara, Faisal Abouzaid, Nicola Dragon, Anirban Bhattacharyya
  3. Long Presentations

  4. Efficient Implementation of Prioritized Transitions for High-level Petri Nets 27-41
    Michael Westergaard, H.M.W. (Eric) Verbeek
  5. Modelling Local and Global Behaviour: Petri Nets and Event Coordination 42-56
    Ekkart Kindler
  6. Towards Verifying Parallel Algorithms and Programs using Coloured Petri Nets 57-71
    Michael Westergaard
  7. Bounded Model Checking Approaches for Verification of Distributed Time Petri Nets 72-91
    Artur Męski, Agata Półrola, Wojciech Penczek, Bożena Woźna-Szcześniak, Andrzej Zbrzezny
  8. Extending PNML Scope: the Prioritised Petri Nets Experience 92-106
    Lom-Messan Hillah, Fabrice Kordon, Charles Lakos, Laure Petrucci
  9. Short Presentations

  10. Specialisation and Generalisation of Processes 109-123
    Christine Choppy, Jörg Desel, Laure Petrucci
  11. Integrating Verification into the PAOSE Approach 124-135
    Marcin Hewelt, Thomas Wagner, Lawrence Cabac
  12. Transitions as Transactions 136-151
    Shengyuan Wang, Weiyi Wu, Yao Zhang, Yuan Dong
  13. A Component Framework where Port Compatibility Implies Weak Termination 152-166
    Debjyoti Bera, Kees M. van Hee, Michiel van Osch, Jan Martijn van der Werf
  14. Improving the Development Tool Chain in the Context of Petri Net-Based Software Development 167-178
    Tobias Betz, Lawrence Cabac, Matthias Güttler
  15. On the use of Pragmatics for Model-based Development of Protocol Software 179-190
    Kent Inge Fagerland Simonsen
  16. Poster Abstracts

  17. A Goal Based Approach on top of Petri Nets 193-195
    Nejm Saadallah, Benoit Daireaux
  18. PNTM Integration of Petri Nets and Transactional Memory 196-199
    Weiyi Wu, Yao Zhang, Shengyuan Wang, Yuan Dong

14-Jun-2011: submitted by Michael Duvigneau
15-Jun-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org