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SUMo-2011 and CompoNet-2011
Proceedings of SUMo and CompoNet 2011

Proceedings of SUMo and CompoNet 2011

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, June 21st, 2011.

Edited by

Didier Buchs *
Hanna Klaudel **
Franck Pommereau **

* CUI, Computer Science Department, University of Geneva, 7 route de Drize, Bât. A, CH-1227 Carouge, Switzerland
** IBISC, University of Évry, Tour Évry 2, 523 place des terrasses de l'Agora, 91000 Évry, France

Table of Contents

    Session 1: CompoNet

  1. Distributed Verification of Modular Systems 1-15
    Mohand Cherif Boukala, Laure Petrucci
  2. Compositional Analysis of Discrete Time Petri nets 17-31
    Yann Thierry-Mieg, Béatrice Bérard, Fabrice Kordon, Didier Lime, Olivier H. Roux
  3. On the modularity in Petri Nets of Active Resources 33-47
    Vladimir A. Bashkin
  4. Session 2: SUMo

  5. Optimising the compilation of Petri net models 49-63
    Lukasz Fronc, Franck Pommereau
  6. Generalized Büchi Automata versus Testing Automata for Model Checking 65-79
    Ala Eddine Ben Salem, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Fabrice Kordon
  7. When Graffiti Brings Order 81-95
    Alban Linard, Didier Buchs

13-Jun-2011: submitted by Franck Pommereau
14-Jun-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org