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Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments

Girona, Spain, July 15, 2011.

Edited by

Diana Perez-Marin *
Milos Kravcik **
Olga C. Santos ***

* Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
** RWTH University Aachen, Aachen, Germany
*** Spanish National University for Distance Education, Madrid, Spain

Table of Contents

    Session 1: Adaptation and Personalization in E-B/Learning using Pedagogic Conversational Agents (APLEC)

  1. Processes in Learning (invited paper) 2
    Paul Cohen
  2. Understanding How Humans Teach Robots (invited paper) 3
    Tasneem Kaochar
  3. Automatic Generation of Questions Adapted to the Personality and Learning Style of the Students 4-7
    Alberto Redondo-Hernandez, Diana Perez-Marin
  4. Social Robots in Learning Environments: a Case Study of an Empathic Chess Companion 8-12
    Iolanda Leite, Andre Pereira, Ginevra Castellano, Samuel Mascarenhas, Carlos Martinho, Ana Paiva
  5. Session 2: Personalizing Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE)

  6. Context-Aware Factorization for Personalized Student's Task Recommendation13-18
    Nguyen Thai-Nghe, Tomas Horvath, Lars Schmidt-Thieme
  7. Epistemic Beliefs and Open Learner Models19-24
    Matthew D. Johnson, Peter Reimann, Susan Bull, Nobuko Fujita
  8. Understanding Student Attention to Adaptive Hints with Eye-Tracking25-29
    Mary Muir, Alireza Davoodi, Cristina Conati
  9. Improving Searching and Browsing Capabilities of Learning Object Repositories30-35
    Julia Minguillon, M. Elena Rodriguez, Jordi Conesa
  10. Identifying Requirements for a Psycho-Pedagogical Mash-up Design for Personalising the Learning Environment36-40
    Marcel Berthold, Sergei Pachtchenko, Andreas Kiefel, Alexander Nussbaumer, Dietrich Albert
  11. Session 3: Towards User Modeling and Adaptive Systems for All (TUMAS-A)

  12. Adaptive Activities for Inclusive Learning using Multitouch Tabletops: An approach42-47
    David Roldan, Estefania Martin, Pablo A. Haya, Manuel Garcia-Herranz
  13. Personalization Of Mobile Learning Tools For Low-Income Populations48-53
    Vanessa Frias-Martinez, Jesus Virseda
  14. Open Issues in Personalized Inclusive Learning Scenarios54-58
    Olga C. Santos, Silvia Baldiris, Jesus G. Boticario, Emmanuelle Gutierrez y Restrepo, Ramon Fabregat

8-Jun-2011: submitted by Diana Perez-Marin
19-Jun-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org