[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-806

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The New Technologies for Aquileia

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop

Aquileia, Italy, May 2, 2011

Edited by:

Vito Roberto

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Udine, Italy

Table of Contents

    Part I: Methods and Techniques

  1. Geophysical Prospection: a Powerful Non-destructive Research Method for the Detection, Mapping and Preservation of Monuments and Sites, B1-B9
    Jörg W.E. Fassbinder
  2. Integrated Archaeological Investigations for the Study of the Greater Aquileia Area, C1-C11
    Arianna Traviglia
  3. Sharing Data on the Aquileia Heritage: Proposals for a Research Project, D1-D9
    Vito Roberto, Paolo Omero

  4. Part II: Landscape Investigations

  5. Integrated Geophysical Study of Archaeological Sites in the Aquileia Area, E1-E11
    Emanuele Forte, Michele Pipan, Monica Sugan
  6. Aerial Photography and Archival Data: Some Examples of Combined Study in the Suburbium of Aquileia, F1-F8
    Paola Ventura, Paola Maggi, Flaviana Oriolo
  7. Integrated Topographic, GNSS, Remote Sensing and GIS/WebGIS Techniques Applied to the Study of Aquileia River Port Structures, G1-G8
    Raffaela Cefalo, Alexia Cociancich, Michele Di Bartolomeo, Francesca Ferro, Massimo Iansig, Giorgio Manzoni, Giulio Montagner
  8. Natural Phenomena and Anthropic Interventions: Remarks on the Landscape South of Aquileia in the Light of the Historical and Modern Cartography, H1-H8
    Stefano Magnani
  9. New Acquisitions on the Aquileia’s Map Inside the Roman Walls and Surroundings, I1-I7
    Maurizio Buora

  10. Part III: ICT for the Art Heritage

  11. ICT and Art Heritage: a Project of the University of Udine for the Dissemination of Knowledge, J1-J6
    Donata Levi
  12. New Technologies for the ‘Great Baths’ of Aquileia: Results and Prospects, K1-K9
    Marina Rubinich
  13. Surveying, Modeling and Navigating the Theodorian Mosaic Floor of the Aquileia Basilica, L1-L11
    Domenico Visintini

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08-Nov-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org